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The OK Conference would like your opinion on the present basketball schedule in which

boys and girls teams play at opposite sites on Tuesday and both varsities play at the same

site on Friday. We are asking you to complete a brief online survey. The link to the

survey is posted on your school’s website and at www.okconference.org.


                              Welcome to CHS! 

      * FALL SPORTS                * WINTER SPORTS                *SPRING SPORTS                                         

                                       CHS ATHLETES GOING ON TO PLAY IN COLLEGE

                                        Jesse Hillis - Davenport University - Basketball
                                 Lauren VanderWal - Wayne State University - Volleyball
                                                      Elise Poll - Indiana Tech - Golf
                                                 Brittany Smith - Seton Hill - Lacrosse
                                                   Lorrin McCarty, Davenport, Soccer
                                             Ashley Postma, Oakland University, Soccer
                               Brittney Schnicke, Midland University, Nebraska, Bowling
                                              2017 Fall & Winter Signings photo album
                                      *Previous year's athletic signings photo album link

*Athletic pictures below -  credit to Pat Moll unless noted