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Connect directly to your teachers voicemail by dialing (616) 891-6200 and then their extention. Please note that the phones Do Not ring in the classroom during school hours.  All calls go directly to voicemail.

Caledonia Elementary


Joshua Traughber Principal
Pam King Secretary
Christy Tape Secretary

Teaching Staff

Jennifer Harmens Kindergarten
Jenny King Kindergarten
Kelly Petersen Kindergarten
Cheryl Huver First Grade
Lisa McBride First Grade
Antonia Palmitier First Grade
Joyce Graham Second Grade
Carrie Murphy Second Grade
Becca Tape Second Grade
Melissa Dehorn Third Grade
Becky Foster Third Grade
Tonya Paalman Third Grade
Kimberly Blovits Fourth Grade
Rachel Grammer Fourth Grade
Jessie Langeland Fourth Grade
Shelli Abel Fifth Grade
Lyndsey Nelson Fifth Grade


Elizabeth Hentschel Art
Pam King Library Clerk
Jesse Liker Orchestra
Dan Burd Physical Ed.
Tracy Wanamaker Spanish

Student Support Services

Lynn Lidstone Interventionist
Jessica Thelen Interventionist
Sarah Donker Para Educator
Patricia Hardy Para Educator
Denise Nise Para Educator
Marcy Torres Speech
Mya Collins Title 1
Becky Osborne Title 1
Amy Schifini Title 1

Support Staff

Anne Irons Cafeteria

Key Communicator

Rodney Cobb Key Communicator