Central Office Administrators

Hours 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM M-F
Phone: 616 891-8185

Darrell Kingsbury Administration Assistant Superintendent
Janel Switzer Administration Curriculum Director
Sara Devries Administration Finance Director
Randy Rodriguez Administration Superintendent



Departmental Administrators

Mimi Mahaney Duncan Lake Complex Director of Food Services
Gary Delger Operations and Transportations Complex Director of Operations
Joseph Lienesch Administration Director of Special Education
Judy Truer Operations and Transportations Complex Director of Transportation



High School and Middle School Administrators

James Crites Caledonia High School Assistant Principal
Scott Weis Caledonia High School Director of Athletics
Brady Lake Caledonia High School High School Principal
Ryan Graham Duncan Lake Middle School Principal
Steve Uyl Kraft Meadows Middle School Principal



Elementary Administrators

Joshua Traughber Caledonia Elementary Principal
Shawn Veitch Dutton Elementary Principal
Tony Silveri Emmons Lake Elementary Principal
Sean McLaughlin Kettle Lake Elementary Principal
Kris Vydareny Paris Ridge Elementary Principal