Welcome to Caledonia Community Schools! 

I would like to welcome you to Caledonia Community Schools, home of the Fighting Scots! It is an honor to serve the families of Caledonia as we pursue excellence in education for our students.

We believe in educating our students in a balanced educational system that develops a well-rounded person. We believe in creating a system of excellence using the four C's of Curriculum, Climate, Character, and Community.

Curriculum-Curriculum is the core of our purpose and function. Caledonia continually strives to develop and implement a curriculum that prepares our students for college and career. This is a rigorous curriculum that will challenge our students to reach their full potential. We also challenge our staff to reach their potential through continued professional development. We strive to demonstrate instructional leadership by implementing current research, learning through professional experience, and encouraging innovation.

Climate-Caledonia Community Schools strive to create a welcoming learning environment for all of our students. This learning environment is one that encourages students to take risks, rise to a challenge, learn from failure, and experience success. Our schools are labs of learning which encourage exploration as students seek to discover and develop their gifts and talents.

Character-Character is shaped as we engage with others and develop relationships. We all have a responsibility to provide direction for our children as they experience life in a community. We fulfill this responsibility by modeling positive character, teaching lessons on character development, seizing teachable moments, and carefully correcting inappropriate behavior. Character development does not occur by accident, but by intentional teaching by all persons who touch a child's life.

Community-Our success is defined and determined by the strength of our community. Caledonia has a rich history of great community support. Whether volunteering in a classroom, serving on PTO, tutoring, or simply enjoying an athletic event... our community makes a difference. We welcome our families, business, churches, and government offices as partners in education with Caledonia Community Schools.

I look forward to serving Caledonia, and continuing to shape the future for our children.


Randy Rodriguez, Superintendent