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Connect directly to your teachers voicemail by dialing (616) 891-6200 and then their extention. Please note that the phones Do Not ring in the class room during school hours. All calls go directly to voicemail.

Emmons Lake Elementary


Tony Silveri Principal
Julie Corson Secretary
Angela Royce Secretary

Teaching Staff

Lindsay Goode Kindergarten
Mary Rossman Kindergarten
Melissa VanGessel Kindergarten
Katie Closson First Grade
Christy Cook First Grade
Peg Mulherin First Grade
Lori Hilton Second Grade
Fran Hollern Second Grade
Kelly Mulry Second Grade
Megan Brown Third Grade
Mike Huene Third Grade
Sue Waayenberg Third Grade
Scott Carpenter Fourth Grade
Kristie Summerfield Fourth Grade
Paul Wanless Fourth Grade
Brad Blaser Fifth Grade
Jeremy Geerdes Fifth Grade
Stacey Jongekrijg Fifth Grade
Jenneth Wright Special Education


Candi Price Art
Michele VanderWal Library Clerk
Jesse Liker Orchestra
Todd Holstege Physical Ed.
Barbara Saumier Spanish

Student Support Services

Andrea Berends Interventionist
Tessa Bibler Interventionist
Ann Gray Para Educator
Lisa Jansma Para Educator
Lisa King Para Educator
Dana McFarlan Para Educator
Jeannette Mitchell Para Educator
Corey Nurenberg Para Educator
Norma Stephenson Para Educator
Katee Aubil Speech

Support Staff

Dalice Rohrer Cafeteria
Brenda Conway Cafeteria Supervisor
Tammie Johnston Custodian
Tiffanie Partridge Custodian
Phyllis Walker Evening Custodian

Key Communicator

Jen Potgeter Key Communicator