Attendance Policies

School Day

School hours- Teachers are available from 7:30AM to 2:45PM. Students will be in class from 7:45AM to 2:37 PM. There will be a lunch break at 11:37AM.


Tardy passes must be obtained from the office in order to enter classrooms that the student is late for school. Each tardy equals 1/3 absence. Students arriving after 8:15 will be marked absent.


Regular attendance promotes the opportunity for development of employability skills such as personal management, teamwork and problem solving.

All students of the school are expected to be in school from 7:45 AM until 2:37 PM. Reporting absences must be done by a parent/guardian calling 891-8236 on the morning of the absence. Absences can only be excused by a note from a physician licensed by the State of Michigan. If a student arrives later then 8:15 he/she will be counted absent for the day. The student may stay to do the work, but the absence will stand.

Excessive Absences

Once the equivalent of six absences is reached in a trimester, a letter will be sent home to alert parents. Should a student over the age of 16 reach the equivalent of nine (9) unexcused absences during a trimester, the attendance committee will determine the adverse effect the number of absences have had on the student's academic success. The result of their attendance can be:


  1. The student needs to make up the times missed.
  2. The student will be placed on an improvement plan.
  3. The student will be removed from the school and will have to make up the classes and re-apply to the school.


A student receiving a combination of 8 excused/unexcused absences in a trimester class must achieve a C+ or better on the final exam/project to have their grade calculated for that class.

A student who reaches 13 absences in a trimester class will automatically lose credit for that class.