Graduation Requirements

The following are requirements for Graduates of 2015:

English - 4 credits
Mathematics - 4 credits (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II,Personal Finance, plus 1/2 other math)
Science - 3 credits
Social Studies - 4 credits
Computer - 1/2 credit
Physical Education - 1 credit
Health - 1/2 credit
Fine Arts/Applied Arts/Foreign - 3 credits
Electives - 7 3/4 credits
Total: 27 3/4 credits

In addition to the preceding requirements, the following skills need to be attained to reach graduation: 

  1. Students will learn to use appropriate communication skills. They will develop skills in writing, speech, and a vocabulary that will allow them to function in today's society.
  2. Students will learn to set goals for themselves, determine how to reach those goals, determine why they were unsuccessful and adjust where possible.
  3. Students will learn to develop a set of values or rules to guide them in life, work and society.
  4. Students will also learn to gather and process information through the use of media, reference material, the library, computers and other forms of technology.
  5. An Exit Interview will be required of each graduate. This will take place approximately 1 week before graduation and will consist of a ten (10) page report with visuals and the student's portfolio. The topic must be approved by the principal. This may be presented in two ways which will be explained to each student individually. A completed portfolio must be presented at the conclusion of the interview.