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sideline cheer

Sideline Cheer

Molis, Stacey 


Sideline and competitive cheer are two different seasons and they both have their own tryout.  Sideline is in the fall and competitive cheer is in the winter

The best part about both Cheer seasons is that Cheer is a very inclusive sport. All different levels of athletes are welcome and can be a vital part of a team. From a brand new athlete with no experience to a life long cheerleader with full tumbling abilities!  

Sideline cheer

Sideline cheer is in the fall. Tryouts are towards the end of the previous school year. Sideline cheer welcomes both male and female athletes. Sideline season is a blast in that it is relaxed. We have summer camp, the Fourth of July parade, the homecoming parade and assembly, Friday nights under the lights and so much more. Sideline cheer focuses on creativity with stunting, growing as an athlete, and cheering on our fighting scots football team with a front-row every game!

Competitive cheer  

Competitive cheer season starts in early November.  This is where we get to go for gold! Competitive cheer consists of three rounds. Each round focuses on different aspects of cheerleading. Round one is the open round, with fun motions and formations.

Round two is all about skills. Jumps, flexibility, and tumbling skills.  Round three (my personal favorite) is all about stunts.

With three separate rounds, competitive cheer is great for being able to utilize all different types of athletes. 

Please feel free to reach out anytime if you have any questions!

Stacey Molis 


Girls XCountry

Howell, Ben 


Cross Country is a fall sport at CHS that involves running! 

My name is Ben Howell and I have had the privilege of being the girls cross country coach over the past 14 years.  I think the skills developed in our sport extend far beyond our season.  Our team has always been competitive at the state level, and this is due to the team atmosphere that we continually work at improving.  Girls that are a part of our team soon learn our driving principles contained within "EAT".  The "E" is for effort.  We keep track of times and miles, but ultimately a runner's effort is far more valuable than any distance or time they may run.  The "A" stands for attitude.  We strive for and challenge everyone on the team to have a positive attitude everyday.  This becomes contagious and drives everyone towards more success.  And finally, the "T" stands for team, and that is the most important part.  When runners realize that they are not individual runners but part of a collective whole representing their school and each other, great things happen.  When all actions are viewed through the lens of the team, the family feel inspires these young ladies to push themselves beyond what they thought possible, while also creating bonds between teammates that extend for life.  Some girls on our team love running!  Some girls on our team actually don't like running!  But they all love their teammates, love to work hard, and bring a positive attitude with them each day.  We look forward to having fun together each and every day, that is what sports are about!

If you are looking to become a part of our cross country "family" please check out our website


Meet The Team

Caitlin Bennett, Alana Black,  Cadence Bommarito, Holly Bowling,  Lindy Bujak, Savanna Coulter, Emma Crosby, Emily Dean, Barbara DeGood, Malana Diebolt, Paige Diedrich, Taylor Fairchild, Madelyn Fennema,  Marisa Helsten, Madalyn Higgins, Kelsey Homan, Katelynn Kirkbride, Kelsey Kirkbride, Molly Mandsager, 
Lauren McKenna, Elle Oom, Lindsey Peters, Andrea Peterson, Natalia Quigley, Carlynn Robotham, Laura  Robotham, Alexandra Schuitema, Lola Schuler, Ella  Schuler, Elise Smith, Leah Thompson, Tatum Verburg, Taylor Visscher, Jacqueline Zielke, Mary Zielke, Eileen Zielke & Zoey Zupin

Boys XCountry

Thompson, Ben 


Caledonia boys cross country has been a Varsity and JV sport since 1970.  The team has had great success since its inception.  The team has been led by 4 coaches in it’s 50 years.  My name is Ben Thompson and I have been coaching the XC team since 2003.  I ran for Caledonia myself from 1991-1995 in cross country and track.  Overall the team has a long history of achievement.  The team has amassed 23 Conference championships, 13 Regional Championships, and 1 State Championship.

As of recently, we have had a lot of success.  Since 2003 we have won 8 Conference championships, 5 Regional Championships, and have had 2 top 10 finishes the last 2 years.  In the 2020 season we finished Runner Up at the State Meet by only 30 points.  We will look to chase a 2nd State Championship in 2021!

Individually this past season we had 5 All-Conference Runners along with 1 Honorable Mention. At the MHSAA State Meet, 3 runners earned All-State honors by finishing in the top 30 places in Division 1.

As a program, we strive to build strong individuals who are leaders in their school and have the ability to set goals and give their best effort in all situations.  We also want to prepare our athletes to be successful in their future endeavors, whether that is related to running or not.  We promote a family atmosphere, where runners feel they are part of a program that is not only successful but where each runner has contributed to the success of the team.  We foster this by having team camp each year, having goal-setting sessions, and encouraging our captains to lead along with the coaches.  Finally, we work hard but have a lot of fun at team dinners, summer training, and meets hanging out together and building a winning culture that is very inclusive to everyone on the team.  Come join our team next year and add your legacy to the Caledonia Boys Cross Country team!

If you’re looking for even more information about our team you can check out our team website


Meet the Team


Andrew Adams, Samuel  Blunt, Zachary Burgess, Owen Colburn, Paul Dailey, Benjamin DeGood, Caden Dixon,  Jordan Domany, James Eardley, Blake Elliot, Theodore Fanco, Wyatt Foerch, Logan Foerch,  Brett Guzman, Caden Helmholdt, Jacob  Herriman, Conner Klein, Ethan Knapp,  Jayden  Martin,  Donavan Mattson, Connor McGinnis, Elijah Miller, Jaken Moore, Colton Moore, Isaac Noyes, Casey O'Connor, Joshua  Oom, Colin Pearson, Nolan Reynolds,  Andrew Sherman, Jonah Siekman, Eric Sorrell,  Cooper Sorsen, Adam Spees, Brendon Standhardt, Jack Stoner, Aaron TenElshof,  Jamin Thompson,  Benjamin VanArtsen, Hunter VerBeek & Kyle Winters

Kim, Kathy 



Riders: Grace Hoebeke, Lauren Kim, Remington Steinwyk, Carlee Gibson, Taryn Kooiker, Hannah Gross, Madeline Peterson, Marcia Ball, Hailey Chu, Mia Stiver, Kendra Lloyd, Anna Eliasen, Amelia Moody - home schooled & Claudia Shuster- horse groom.


Freshman Football JV Football Varsity Football




VanEngen, Seth 

Doupe, Mike 

Pennington, Derek 


Freshman Team

My name is Seth VanEngen and I am a 7th grade science teacher at Duncan Lake Middle School.  Next fall will be my 4th year coaching football at Caledonia and 2nd year as the freshman head coach. In addition to coaching football, I am the freshman basketball coach at Caledonia.  

Carlo Aybar, Jeremy Bolt, Ethan Brown, Tyler Burd, Isaac Clark, Matthew Collins, Mason Connelly, Kaden DeHorn, Evan Graham,
Noah Hanna, Jett King,  Jace Lawton,  Levi Lucas, Nolan Mathieu, Mason McKenzie,  Riley McNutt, Dylan Meduna, Ben Molda,
Cayden Myers, Austin Purvis, Justice Reed, Brayden Russo,
Joey Russo, Theren Sanders, De'Sean Sandifer, Cooper Scavo,
Zach Tennant, Aidan Upham, Caden Vanderberg, Aiden White,
Mikey Zoerman & Kalen Zuiderveen


JV Team


Noah Bender,  David Carey,  Langston Engelberg,  Josh Fedewa, Owen Graham, Andrew Gray,  Isaac  Hanna, Justin Huyser, Josh Jeffreys, Aidan Kowatch, Junior Lyons, Lucas Miller, Hayddon Olson, Beck Owen, Mason Powers, Jan Requadt
Isaiah Short, Kenseth Sinclair, Ben Taylor, Cam Wysocki & Chris Zavala 


Varsity Team

Coach Pennington comes to Caledonia with a proven track record of success. His thirteen seasons at Zeeland East represent the most winning era in the school's 110 years of football. His teams won numerous conference titles, District titles, as well as one Regional Championship and a State-Semi finalist team. Coach Pennington’s teams competed consistently very well against much larger enrollment teams. During his time with the Chix, they competed in five games against Ok Red opponents winning four of those games. Coach Pennington has spoken all over the country for the Nike Coach of the Year clinics and Glazier football clinics about the spread offense. Next year the Scot’s will begin a new era under his leadership!

Tanner Barry, Luke Craig, Eduard Cruz, Chris DantumaBrayden Folkersma, Nick Fox, Dylan Hall, Dilon Herrema, Sawyer Holstege, Mitchell Hooker, Luke Houser, Noah Jackson, Abi Joplin-Pinero,  Marcus Joplin-Pinero, Andrew Kayser,  Jax Kinninger, Ben Klein, Mads Larsen, Anthony Long, Luke Mandsager, Jerry Mansfield,  Travis Martin, Tony Maurer, Mikey Mazzarelli, Ben Norris, Caleb Paarlberg, Brayden Petersen, Griffin Poll, Caden Raden, Tommy Russo, Cade Rydstrom, Kade Sanders, Jacob Seeley, Jalan Shinn, Jack Snider, Caleb Sprague,
Connor Sprau, Mason Stanley, Ryan Stanton, Calyb Sterk, Jackson Tague, Blake Townsend, Caleb VanderBerg, Carson VanderHoff, Zach Vermetti, Luke Windsor & Andrew Winkler


JV Girls Golf Varsity Girls Golf



Diekevers, Joel 

Wagner, Gus 


JV Team


Addison Deveney, Sara Flynn, Kiana Haywood, Grace Heffner, Korine Kinninger, Jenna Langdon, Anna Mince, Paige Rapa, Lily Stuffer, Ellie Thelen, Ella Trudeau & Allison Weibel

Varsity Team


Camy Asper,  Natalie Ferriell, Emmalee Hamp,  Sydney Lieske, Emily Overla, Payton Pena, Chelsea Prebil & Kayla Stoczynski


Freshman Boys Soccer JV Boys Soccer Varsity Boys Soccer




Dishnow, Luke 

Larson, Kody 

Winterbottom, Carl 


My name is Carl Winterbottom, and I took over as head coach for the men's soccer program in 2018. This upcoming fall season will be my fourth year alongside stellar assistant coaches with collegiate soccer experiences. Our freshman coach, Luke Dishnow, is an alumnus of Hope College and he works with the freshman program to help them develop their skills and a basic understanding of the game. Both of our JV coaches, Henry Spees and Kody Larsen are both Davenport University alums and have done a tremendous job in advancing the technical and tactical skills of the players so that they can be best prepared for the varsity level when the opportunity arrives. The varsity assistant coach, TJ Ifaturoti, and program-wide goalkeeper coach, Sean Cox are also both alums of Davenport University. Between all three levels, all coaches share the same philosophies of hard work, unity, teamwork and having success on and off the soccer field. We want to develop great individuals with a hard-working ethic that translates to life after soccer and helps them become successful in their respective career paths.      

Within the last three years, we have consistently finished in the top three of our OK- Red conference division, as well as winning the OK-Red conference championship in 2018. This past season, we finished runner-up in the District championship. We have former student-athletes that have gone on to be successful within their career and others have gone on to play at the collegiate level. Each year around August, we have about 45-60 players trying out for the soccer program and we do everything to make it as inclusive and family orientated as possible. We usually have an end of the year banquet; we host team dinners for all three teams during the season and support one another during all home and away games. 

For this upcoming season, we look to be strong contenders in the conference division again, compete for another district title, go further than ever before in the program history, and make a deep run during the state playoffs. We are excited and looking forward to working with you and seeing you grow as tremendous student-athletes during your career at Caledonia. We appreciate your interest in being a member of the soccer program and adding on to the legacy. 

Freshman Team


Harrison Bierens, Connor Brown, Jonahtan Collins, Tyler Dean, Jack Finlan-Hitt, Ethan Folkersma, Andrew Hager, Aaron Hileman, Gavin Long, Spencer Konwerski,  Seth Reiffer, Mitchell Smith, Joe Verburg, Isaac Vire & Cole Visser

JV Team


Connor Beach, Kyle Buchan, Spencer Chapp, Canton Clark, Griffen Cornelisse, D'Juan Davis, Alex Diaz, Ryan  Doan, Aiden Gortmaker, John Malinowski, Matt Martin, Sean McClain, Jack Mulder, Liam Mulnix, Garret Perna, Nate Porras, Camden Raffler, Alex Richardson, Brayden Waber, Collin Witvoet & Evan Zmierski

Varsity Team

Sebastian Aguillon, Kidd Avery, Anel Bektas, Johnny Cardoza, Ethan Cook, Cade Graham,  Arie Jackman, Evan Johnson, Jacob Kibbey, TK Knoertzer, Specer Napper, Hayden NethingOlee Olsen, Ethan Pitsch, Brendan Savage, Zane Schrader, Austin Shuker, Andrew Tafelsky, Aidan Vire,  Luke Vogeler,
Paul Vogeler, Josh Williams & Johny Zamudio

Girls Swim

Hollowell, Emma 


The Caledonia Swim and Dive Team is a proud member of the OK Red Conference. We have a community of swimmers and divers from 3 different schools with a wide variety of talents.  Our team mission is to allow our athletes to grow their love and knowledge of swimming while forming team bonds that will carry them through the highs and lows of the sport.

This season we had all girls attend conferences and a freshman diver qualify for the state meet. We are eager to see where our boy's season goes and how both teams will grow together in the future. The coaching staff encourages inter-team bonding in and out of the pool. We also participate in practices and social gatherings with other high school teams to foster a safe and friendly swimming community in the Greater Grand Rapids area. Swimmers and Divers from our team have continued their careers in college on both varsity and club teams, and gone on to lead other teams as coaches. Welcome future Caledonia swimmers and divers! We're so excited to meet you! You can join our Facebook page Caledonia Aquatics for more information.

Meet the Team


Marissa Berg, Attison Briggs, Caterina Buonpane, Genevieve Calhoun, Lilly Cooper, Rebecca Darter, Hannah DeVriews, Kaylee Diamond, Olivia Driscoll, Hannah Fritz,  Alexis Herzog, Kayla Huyser, Riley Keegstra, Lexi Koorndyk, Avery Lash, Sydney Parsons, Alexandria Salinas, Kaylin Schering, Brooke Slater, Margaret Sova, Ella Theaker, Emmory Vanhofwegen, Taryn VanNoy, Kaitlyn Vincent, Alexis Wilcox, Mackenzie Williams

JV Boys Tennis Varsity Boys Tennis



Wilson, Mike 

Bont, Scott 


My name is Scott Bont and I have been coaching tennis at Caledonia for 21 years. I also played 4 years of Varsity tennis for Caledonia as well. I continue to play competitive tennis for one of the local tennis clubs.

Caledonia tennis is a "No Cut Sport" meaning everyone who comes out, fully participates in practices will play in the match. Caledonia tennis is known for our good sportsmanship, being a competitive team, and having overall great young men. Tennis in West Michigan is very competitive and we compete well with the various top teams in the area. Our current conference has consistently had our top 2 teams finish in the top 10-15 in the state in Division 1. 

Caledonia tennis continues to grow and is always looking for players to come and learn one of the greatest lifetime sports you could play. Tennis is a sport you can play for the rest of your life, as well as learn so much about yourself at the same time.

We hope that you consider joining the tennis program for the upcoming season. There is also a Middle School program that Coach Scott Bont is involved which would also be a great place and time to give tennis a try.  

JV Team

Jobe Anderson, Eli Deese, Cameron Downer, Maddox Gaier, Ryan Hautala, Nathan Huynh, Hayden Kargol, Ian  Kargol, Russell  Langenburg, Jeffrey Liggett, Tyler Oliver, Ethan Pyscher, Brendan Scheid, Nathan Trees, Easton Wierenga & Lucas Williams

Varsity Team


Alec Bisterfeldt,  John Kotarski, Andrew Larson, Adam Morris, Anthony Oliver, Grant Peek,  Carter, Peterson, Landen Reynolds, Evan Ries, Brayton Robertson, Jordan Rundhaug, Nikolae Schuitema, Aidan Sowerby & Mathias VanderEid


Freshman Volleyball JV Volleyball Varsity Volleyball




Beaune, Brittany 

Marvin, Jessica 

Lurye, Valerie 



Sophia Arendson, Gracie Gortmaker, Taylor Johnson, Elise Klein, Syd Mertz, Dilyn Pratt, Alyssa Ries, Zoe Stanley, Elizabeth Stegenga, Ryleigh Sturman & Avery Talley



Erin Asper, Maddie Fortune, Rylen Goosen, Payton Lee, Meredith Miersen, Rylee Nanzer, Eillie Smith, Lydia Sowerby, Brooke Stafford, Rylee Stafford, Paige Williamson & Amanda Wolf


Maia  Budrick, Nicole DeVries, Lydia Harper, Amber Jakiel, Tori Melpolder, Ella Moorlag, Hope Morehouse, Maddie Morris, Arrayah Myers, Avery Palmateer, Cam SingstockLija Sverns & Audrey Torres