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Fred Townsend, Athletic Director
Phil Miedema - Athletic Department Assistant
Judy Kaechele - Administrative Assistant
Brett Knoop & Kaycee Lee - Athletic Trainers

ATTENTION WINTER  ATHLETES - Our process to sign up for athletics has changed. Please go to the following link for complete instructions.   

Fall MHSAA schedules:


College Signings - 

The Athletic Office will be hosting 3 media/signing days in 19/20 for our Seniors that will be competing at the collegiate level next year .  

The first one will be November 26 from  3:15 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the Lower Forum Room.

The second date will be:  Wednesday April 1st and one more in June, but that date has not yet been  set. 

OK Red Conference:

Caledonia, East Kentwood, Grand Haven,
Grandville, Hudsonville, Rockford, West Ottawa


The Caledonia Athletic Department 
2019-20 School year changes to the Athletic Department.

The Athletic Office has moved to the Front Office of the Building

Athletic Fee:
The Athletic Fee has been reduced from $125 to $100 and can now be paid online at the link provided:

Included with the Athletic Fee:
Each athlete will receive a Fall individual sports pass after they have made a fall roster.  This will be issued starting this fall. Once final rosters have been determined, the coaches for each team will receive the passes and distribute to the athletes.  This will be a unique pass that will be monitored by the athletic department. 

Student-Athlete Athletic Forms:
Currently, all mandatory athletic forms must be turned into the Athletic Office.  We are in the process of having all paperwork being able to be submitted online. We will let you know once this is available.

Family Sports Pack:
The cost for a family sports pack is $200 for a family of 4.  If you have any questions or concerns please stop by the athletic office

Adult Pass:
The cost of an adult pass is $75.

Student Pass:
The cost of a student pass is $45

Winter/Spring Athletes:
Once Final rosters have been determined, each Winter and Spring sports athlete will receive a pass for that respective sports season.


*Athletic pictures below -  credit to Pat Moll unless noted