JV Game Reports - Coach Cook


5/21 Caledonia 0, West Ottawa 3

    In a game where the score did not reflect the effort on the field, the Caledonia JV team lost to West Ottawa by a score of 3-0.  Despite the rainy weather, Caledonia turned in one of their best halves, holding West Ottawa scoreless in the first half. Having previously struggled against West Ottawa, this was a major victory.  Lady Cal’s quick possession game gave them a great advantage.

    In the second half, West Ottawa finally got onto the scoreboard with a beautiful goal 10 minutes in.  A lucky shot from a steep angle 20 minutes in gave West Ottawa the 2-0 lead. Caledonia continued to fight, creating several goal-scoring opportunities, including a penalty kick that the Scots were unable to convert.  The final West Ottawa goal came off of a corner kick with under 2 minutes to play.

Every member of the Lady Cal JV team had a good showing.  In the midfield, Kylie Gardner and Liv Perez did a fantastic job of winning and distributing balls.   Madi Martinek was also a force in the midfield, playing her best game of the season despite playing through injury.  Jayce Lyons spent some time in the center field, disrupting play with her speed and relentless pressure.

Outside mid Caitlin Osterhouse put together beautiful possession along the sideline

starting many of the team’s scoring opportunities.  Emily Dean was quick to pressure West Ottawa, collecting several turnovers.  Katelynn Kirkbride was all over the field, sliding on to the backline to help defend and then making wide runs to start the attack.  Madi Clark’s consistent possession play made her a valuable player to have on the field as well.

    The backline put forth another strong showing.  Whitney Konwerski won balls and then beat players up the line to jump start the attack.  Ellee Fairchild played shut down defense the entire game. Center defenders Elle Oom and Sammie Burmeister kept the team organized while stepping in to break up big plays.  Keeper Autumn Hannink also had a good night, making several impressive saves.

    Forward Chelsea Prebil had one of her best nights as well, fighting hard to win back balls.  Paige Stanton is always dangerous and is one of the hardest working forwards in conference. Savannah LeRoux slide up to forward as well and was a part of several attacking surges, catching the defense off guard with her speed.

    Caledonia is now 8-5-4 and will play their final game of the season at Grand Haven on Weds.


5/18  Caledonia 0, Portage Central 1

    The Caledonia JV soccer team dropped a game to Portage Central on Friday night.  Both teams fought hard in the first half but were unable to find the back of the net.  The lone goal came off of a corner kick ten minutes into the second half. Lady Cal pushed back but at times was a little frantic and were unable to equalize.

    Savannah LeRoux had one of her best games, forcing several turnovers and creating the team’s best scoring opportunity.  Kaitlynn Kirkbride also played well in the attacking third. Samantha Burmeister returned to the defensive line and helped lead a strong showing with teammates Whitney Konwerski, Ellee Fairchild, and Elle Oom.  Olivia Perez and Kylie Garner logged major minutes in the midfield and won several key battles.

    The Fighting Scots are now 8-4-4.  On Monday, they will host West Ottawa in their last home game and will travel to Grand Haven Wednesday for the final game of the JV season.


5/10  Caledonia 0, Hudsonville 0

    The Caledonia JV team battled to a 0 0 draw against Hudsonville. Though short on subs, Lady Cal worked hard and created several good opportunities.  Caledonia’s best chance came when a second-half shot from Chelsea Prebil hit the post. The Scots collected the rebound but did not beat Hudsonville’s keeper.  Paige Stanton and Caitiln Osterhouse had great nights, pressuring Hudsonville and causing many turnovers. Sailor Holstege was outstanding on the defensive end, breaking up several big plays.  Whitney Konwerski, Kylie Gardner, Sammie Burmeister, and Olivia Perez were also highlights for the Fighting Scots, particularly against an aggressive midfield.

    Caledonia is now 8-2-4 with 4 games remaining.  On Tuesday, Caledonia will travel to Rockford.


5/8 Caledonia 2, East Kentwood 0

    Congratulations to the Caledonia Fighting Scots on their 2-0 win under the leadership of Coach Tamryn Sanderson-Smith!  Goals were scored by Kaitlyn Kirkbride and Whitney Konwerski. It was the team’s 10th shut out of the season.

    Caledonia will travel to Hudsonville on Thursday for their next match.

5/3 Caledonia 1, Grandville 0

    The Caledonia JV won an exciting match up against the Bulldogs of Grandville on Thursday.  The Fighting Scots played a strong possession game and had one of their best days out of the air.  Caledonia got out to a strong start with forwards Paige Stanton and Chelsea Prebil chipping away at the Grandville defense.  Midway through the first half, Caledonia played a long ball into their attacking third. Grandville’s keeper came out of her box to play the ball but was unexpectedly pressured by Stanton.  Stanton picked the ball off the goalie and made a beautiful cross to Jayce Lyons who was standing wide open in front of the net. Lyons tapped the ball in for the game winner.

    Grandville came out hard in the second half, only to be denied by Lady Cal.  The Bulldogs attempted several long through balls, most of which the back line tracked down without allowing shot attempts.  Whitney Konwerski and Kennedy Elles were responsible for the majority of these defensive successes with goalkeeper Autumn Hannink coming up big on the few balls that slipped through.  Elles also had an impressive number of headers. On the attacking end, Stanton continued to be a major threat. Stanton created several breakaways that kept Grandville on their toes. In the midfield, Kyle Gardner, Sammie Burmeister, and Olivia Perez were solid all game long, dispossessing Grandville attackers and helping Caledonia to counter.

    The Caledonia JV team is now 7-2-3 and 4-2-1 in the conference.  Thursday night marked the team’s 9 shut out of the season. Caledonia will host the Falcons of East Kentwood next Tuesday.


5/1 Caledonia 1, Grand Haven 1

    Despite giving up an early goal, the Caledonia JV battled back to tie Grand Haven 1-1 at home.  Five minutes into the game, Grand Haven capitalized on a defensive miscue. Playing from behind made it difficult for Lady Cal to find their rhythm.  For much of the game, Caledonia traded long balls with Grand Haven and struggled to possess the ball. Lady Cal did continue to fight, however and with five minutes to play, Paige Stanton’s hard work earned a free kick for Caledonia in their attacking third.  Kennedy Elles played a beautiful ball to the far post. A scramble ensued and Madi Clark was there to knock it in for Caledonia.

    Elles and fellow center back Sailor Holstege successfully stifled the Grand Haven attack for most of the night.  Emily Dean was also strong, applying quick pressure and winning balls on the wing. Stanton created a number of good looks for Caledonia while Chelsea Prebil had one of her best ball-winning nights.

    The Caledonia JV team is 6-2-3 and 2-2-1 in conference.  Caledonia head to Grandville on Thursday in the second round of conference play.


4/28  Caledonia 2, Portage Northern 0

    Caledonia got off to a fast start on Saturday, scoring the only two goals of the game within the first 5 minutes.  Paige Stanton delivered the first blow when she collected a ball near midfield and broke through the backline. Portage Northern’s defense was unable to catch Stanton as she beat the goalie.  One minute later, Jayce Lyons slipped a ball in the box to Chelsea Prebil who score the final goal of the game.

    Despite being short handed, Portage Northern put up a strong fight.  Lady Cal had one of their best showings, winning balls and putting together beautiful possessions.  In the second half, Caledonia put together some great looks, including a close call by Madi Clark and Jayce Lyons.  Clark had a strong showing while Lyons continues to impress with her tenacity and fearless play. Olivia Perez topped off a great week as one of the team’s key distributors.  Prebil also played her most well-rounded game.

    The LadyCal JV team is now 6-2-2.  Tuesday they will host Grand Haven in a conference match-up.



4/23 Caledonia 2, Hudsonville 0

    On the first warm night of the season, the Caledonia JV soccer team recorded a conference win over Hudsonville.  The first half was a battle in the center of the field. Lady Cal possessed the ball well, but were unable to find the edge they needed.  Heat definitely played a factor as play was at times sluggish.

    The second half started much the same as the first.  With fifteen minutes remaining, Kenzie Kramer picked the ball off of a Hudsonville defender, carried it into to the box, and scored on a beautiful shot that curved inside of the far post.  Minutes later, Hudsonville would get a dangerous opportunity when they were awarded an indirect kick in the box. Hudsonville’s shot sailed high to help the Scots maintain a clean sheet. In the final minute of play, goal keeper Autumn Hannink punted a long ball over Hudsonville’s back line.  Forward Chelsea Prebil ran onto the ball and beat the charging keeper for the final goal of the game.

    The Caledonia Fighting Scots are now 5-1-2 and 3-1 in the conference.  On Thursday, they will travel to West Ottawa.

4/20  Caledonia 0, South Christian 0

    The Lady Cal JV team battled hard against South Christian, only to have both teams come up scoreless.  Having played a talented Rockford team the prior night, fatigue was a factor early in the game, as Caledonia struggled against South Christian’s pressure and athleticism.

In the second half, however,Caledonia put on a display.  The Fighting Scots had one of their best possession games, with midfielders Olivia Perez and Sammie Burmeister working tirelessly to find teammates.  Kenzie Kramer and Chelsea Prebil paired well up top to create numerous threatening looks. South Christian had a number of opportunities as well, including a scuffle in front of the goal in the closing minutes.  

Caledonia’s back line held tight and were impressive with Autumn Hannink earning a hard-fought shut out. Elle Oom stepped into a major role on defense and was outstanding.

Caledonia resumes conference play Monday when they host Hudsonville.


4/19 Caledonia 0, Rockford 2

    The Caledonia JV soccer team dropped their first game of the season to Rockford Thursday night.  Lady Cal fought hard but Rockford played with great composure and direction. The Rams netted their first goal with 17:00 to play in the first half.  They scored again one minute into the second.

    Despite the loss, there were many highlights for the Fighting Scots.  Keeper Autumn Hannink saw much more action than in previous games but continued to perform well.  Caledonia was forced to defend for most of the match but the back line of Whitney Konwerski, Sailor Holstege, Kennedy Elles, and Ellee Fairchild were up for the challenge.   Kenzie Kramer dropped into the midfield and was a key ball winner. Kaitlyn Kirkbride worked hard on both ends of the field while Emily Dean contested every ball, even in the closing minutes.

    Caledonia is now 4-1-1 and 2-1 in conference.  Lady Cal will travel to South Christian tomorrow for a non-conference match up.


4/12 Caledonia 8, East Kentwood 0

Congratulations to the Lady Cal JV soccer team on their 8-0 win over East Kentwood.  Kenzie Kramer scored 4 goals while Madi Martinek tallied 3. The final goal was scored by Chelsea Prebil with an assist from Paige Stanton.

The Caledonia JV team is now 4-0-1 and 2-0 in conference.  Conference play will continue on Tuesday when Lady Cal takes on Hudsonville at home.


4/10 Cal 1- Grandville 0

Fresh off of spring break, Caledonia opened conference play Tuesday night against Grandville.  Caledonia looked sharp in the first half, connecting passes and spending most of their time in the offensive third.    Chelsea Prebil created several opportunities but the team was unable to finish. Grandville created one scary scramble in front of the Lady Cal goal, but the defense was able to regroup and play the ball out.

Caledonia continued its quick play in the second half.  Midway through the half, outside mid Madi Clark tracked down a ball which she centered to Prebil.  Prebil laid the ball back to Kenzie Kramer who slipped it under the crossbar from outside the 18 for the game’s lone goal.

Caledonia got strong performances from all of its outside mids, particularly Clark and Katelynn Kirkbride.  Savannah LeRoux had her best showing of the season. Sammie Burmeister and Kyle Gardner were also solid in the center of the field.

Lady Cal will travel to East Kentwood on Thursday.

3/27  Caledonia 1, Spring Lake 0

    The Lady Cal JV team squeaked out a tight victory over the Lakers of Spring Lake.  Spring Lake controlled the ball for much of the first half, resulting in several breakthroughs.  Keeper Autumn Hannink, facing her first real challenge of the season, was outstanding. Hannink made several key saves to record the clean sheet.  Ellee Fairchild was also strong, particularly in the first half as she consistently won and distributed balls out of the back. Jayce Lyons and Paige Stanton kept the Laker defense on their toes all night with their relentless pressure.  Their energy pushed the rest of the team to fight harder.

    Caledonia found its footing with five minutes to play in the first half and carried that momentum into the second half.  With 7 minutes remaining, Caledonia earned a corner kick. Madi Clark put the ball in play and the long rebound was collected by Whitney Konwerski.   Konwerski centered the ball to Olivia Perez who’s shot from outside the box dropped just over the goalie’s fingertips. Spring Lake had a late surge, but Caledonia was able to hold on for the win.  

    Lady Cal is off until after spring break.  They will face off with Grandville on Tuesday, 4/10.

3/23 Caledonia 0, Lowell 0

    The Caledonia JV turned in a solid performance Friday night against the Red Arrows of Lowell, but did not find the back of the net.  The Fighting Scots played with good energy, forcing Lowell to play most of the game in their own half. Caledonia also handled Lowell’s pressure well, getting the ball off quickly and putting together several good passing sequences.  Kylie Gardner and Olivia Perez were both key players, winning and distributing balls in the midfield. Forwards Chelsea Prebil and Kenzie Kramer created several scoring opportunities for the Fighting Scots while Katelyn Kirkbride and Paige Stanton also had strong showings.

    Caledonia will travel to Spring Lake on Weds. in their final game before the break


3/21 Caledonia 6, Greenville 0

The Caledonia JV soccer team kicked off their season with a resounding win over Greenville, 6-0.  Katelynn Kirkbride got Lady Cal off to a strong start with her first goal of the year just two minutes into the game.  Chelsea Prebil played the ball into Kenzie Kramer who slipped it wide to Kirkbride. Kramer would deliver her own goal with 6 minutes remaining in the half, capitalizing on a ball that rebounded in the box.

Despite the early goal, Caledonia struggled to find their intensity in the first half but came out hard in the second.  The fast pace frustrated Greenville and led to a much more exciting game. Early in the second half, Kenzie Kramer carried the ball through the box and put away her second goal of the game.  With twelve minutes remaining, Kramer played fellow forward Prebil into the attacking third. Prebil poked the ball around the charging keeper and finished on the empty net for her first goal.  Prebil would score again five minutes later, also assisted by Kramer. The final goal of the night was scored with five minutes remaining by Paige Stanton, who was relentless the entire match.

Defenders Kennedy Elles, Sailor Holstege, Ellee Fairchild, Sammie Burmeister, and Elle Oom were quick to shut the Yellow Jacket offense down.  Their combined effort resulted in a single shot on goal from Greenville. Keeper Autumn Hannink cleaned the ball up easily and earned her first shut out of the season.Caledonia will host the Lowell Red Arrows on Friday, 3/23.