LINKS (Course)

The goal of the LINKS program is to promote, cultivate and nurture independence, appropriate social behavior, and life skills for life in and beyond high school. 

The LINK course assists students in their consideration of a career in the Human Services Career Pathway. Teachers, Psychologists, Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Social Workers, and many more occupations will increasingly work professionally with individuals identified as having a variety of special needs. LINKS is a course that enables the student to make a difference in another person’s life. In addition to the academic content of the course, there is ample time to apply what you are learning as you become involved in the life of another student.

Students enrolled in the LINKS course will be mentors, role models, and friends to students with disabilities. In this role, the LINKS program students will be with their assigned peers a minimum of one class period, and they will be interacting with their peers throughout social activities during the entire school day. In addition to being a mentor, role model, and friend, they will assist the peer students in appropriate classroom behaviors such as, organizing assignments and supplies, participating with classroom activities and group work, communicating effectively with others, and advocating for their accommodations. The LINK will learn more about the causes and prevalence of many common disabilities, methods/techniques for working with individuals with disabilities, developing social networking supports, and developing a social climate of awareness, acceptance, and inclusion.

Instructor: Mrs. VanDokkumburg
Location: Media Center, 1306
Phone: (616) 891-8129 ext. 1306

WEBSITE: Links Webpage