Our morning drop-off practices are meant to be efficient and safe for your child(ren).  In an effort to add clarity, we will begin to use cones to indicate where the “drop-off zone” is when releasing your child(ren).  Dropping-off your child(ren) within the area marked by the cones will allow a quick, convenient, and safe way for your child(ren) to exit your vehicle.  So, please remember these guidelines as a way to maintain your child’s safety as well as the safety of others. 


  • Be sure your child(ren) is/are ready to go when you are between the cones.
  • Pull as close to the first cone (by the large green electrical box) as possible.  This will allow more people to drop-off their child(ren) and keep the line moving quickly.
  • Remain in your vehicle. 
  • If you need to take more time to help a child with a backpack or a coat, find a parking space and then walk your child into the building.
  • Have your child exit the vehicle on the school side of the drive when you have come to a complete stop.
  • If dropping-off before 8:40 am, when the first bell rings, have your child(ren) walk directly to the playground unless the temperature is 0 or below or it’s precipitating.
  • Avoid using the bus parking lot or the bus entrance/exit to drop-off your child(ren).

As a way to provide clarity in the afternoon, please remember the following guidelines when picking up your child(ren). 


  • Leave the lane by the main entrance open for cars to pull through.  (Do not park in this lane.)
  • Find a space in the parking lot and come into the building.  Please walk your child out to your vehicle.
  • The curved turn area by the Gymnasium is to be reserved for the car pick-up system.

Your help in following these practices is greatly appreciated.  Our goal is to get the children into school and dismissed from school safely as well as to keep traffic flowing.  In the past, this has proven to be possible when we all work together and follow the established procedure.