Supported Preschool

The Supported Preschool Program is designed to support students with special needs within a general education Preschool environment. A Special Education teacher and General Education teacher co-teach. Students in this program attend two half days per week and attend groups on Fridays. During the Friday groups, a parent/guardian attends with the child to learn about strategies and skills to work on at home. Eligibility for this program is based on the child's Individual Education Program.

Free Developmental Inventory - Birth to 4-1/2 years of age

Do you have concerns about the development of your child in the area of speech, language, hearing, vision, large or small motor skills, socialization, or the growth of your child? We may be able to help!

The Caledonia Community Schools will be conducting a developmental screening for children who may benefit from early educational intervention. If you are a Caledonia School District resident who has concerns and would like more information please call 891-6220 for more information. Screenings are held January, April and August at Duncan Lake Early Childhood Center, 9751 Duncan Lake Ave. There is no fee for this service.