History of Duncan Lake Cancer Walk:

In 2008, Duncan Lake student, Hannah Jablonski, proposed that the Student 
Council hold a fundraiser to raise money for Cancer Research. Hannah was an 
8th grade student on the Executive Board of the Student Council at the time. 
Her adviser, Lisa Alexander, and the rest of the Council jumped right in to help 
her hold the first Cancer Walk at Duncan Lake. They raised just over $500.

Since then, the Student Council at Duncan Lake Middle School has held their 
Cancer Walk every spring to raise money to donate to The Van Andel Institute 
Purple Community. Over $140,000 has been raised in ten years! The entire student body gets involved in the fundraiser holding fun events such as jousting 
tournaments on tricycles, art shows, t-shirt sales, and much more.

Every Purple Community event donates 100% of the money raised for research 
to find treatments and, someday hopefully, cures for Cancer and Parkinson's 
Disease. Our past donations helped VAI researcher, Dr. Nathan Lanning, buy a one of a kind machine called the "Seahorse" which analyzes cancer cells on an 
incredibly complex level. There are only a few of these machines available to 
researchers in the United States. For the past two years, several DLMS students were able to 
work with a researcher from the VAI and become a “scientist for the day.”

The Duncan Lake Cancer Walk has become a school tradition that students and 
staff look forward to each year.  We will be walking in honor and memory of those in our lives who have been impacted by cancer.  Our goal is to raise $16,000 for VanAndel Institute.  We hope you will consider joining us in this fight!