Nonresident Information

Schools of Choice - For students residing in Kent ISD

The window to apply for Schools of Choice for Kent ISD for 2019-20 is now closed.Parents will be notified of the status of their students' applications by May 22. 

Schools of Choice Numbers for 2019-20

The following are the number of open seats per grade for schools of choice for the 2019-20 school year. 

Kindergarten  35 open seats

1st Grade       20 open seats

2nd Grade      4 open seats

3rd Grade      27 open seats

4th Grade      19 open seats

5th Grade      46 open seats

6th Grade      58 open seats

8th Grade      24 open seats

9th Grade      28 open seats


A brochure explaining the Kent ISD Schools of Choice program is available at this link: 
PDF DocumentKent ISD Schools of Choice Brochure


Section 105c - For students residing outside of Kent ISD

The application window for schools of choice 105c for students who reside outside of Kent ISD is now closed. 




For Questions and Additional Information please contact:
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