Fifth Grade

Suggested Supply List for all 5th Graders

We would like to give you the opportunity to take advantage of the various sales for school supplies. The following is a list of recommended supplies for your child.
____Scissors (Reuse from last year)
____Pencils (several)
____Colored Pencils (Reuse from last year) (24 pack)
____Rubber Cement, 1 jar
____Pencil Top Erasers (TONS!)
____Ruler (12" US/Metric) (reuse from last year)
____Small Pencil Box or Bag (Reuse from last year)
____Hand held pencil sharpener (preferably manual, not battery operated)
____Thin / Thick Colored Markers (your preference)
____2 - Thin Black Felt Tip Markers (Ultra Thin are great!)
____1 Container, Antibacterial Wipes
Folders: Please make sure the pockets are located at the bottom of each folder and not on the sides. (Thanks!)
____1 - Blue Folder with pockets - (All students, math)
____1 - Green Folder with Pockets - (All students, science)
____2 - Spiral Notebook (All students, math)
____1 - Empty Pringles (6oz round cardboard container)
____P.E. Shoes (used clean shoes are great)
____1 - Set of ear buds, for individual use on the computers.
(Dollar Store quality) (Reuse from last year)

*** In Lieu of more expensive notebooks & binders, we have purchased a multi pocket folder that will help your child organize materials. The folder is sturdy and inexpensive.
*** Please do not purchase: Trapper Keepers, 3 Ring Binders or Crayons***

If you have the opportunity to save empty, round cardboard containers like: oatmeal, bread crumb, etc... they will be used for skateboard science in late fall. (Please keep at home until requested.) Thanks J

As mentioned in the parent letter, your child will need $8.00. This includes the cost of: The planner, a vinyl folder, and a paper folder. (Scholastic News: Paid for by PTO.) If paying by check, please make a check out to Kettle Lake Elem.

Thank You for your continued support!
Your Fifth Grade Teachers