Fourth Grade Suggested Supply List

Dear New Fourth Grader and Families,

A new school year will quickly come upon us and we would like to of?cially welcome you and your child to fourth grade. We are extremely excited about the upcoming school
year, and hope that your child is too! Below is a list of supplies needed for class. You can
shop over the summer when things are on sale and check them off as you put them in your backpack for the ?rst day of school. We are looking forward to an exciting, productive school year. Enjoy summer vacation and we will see you soon!

__ A box of crayons (24 count maximum)
__ Colored pencils
__ A pack of thin and thick markers
__ A pair of scissors (scissors used from previous years is just ?ne)
__ A desk pencil sharpener (Lacroix and Clark only)
__ A pencil box no bigger than 11 x 8 inches (the perfect size is 8 x 5)
__ 3 plain pocket folders that vary in color. Please make sure that the pockets are located at the bottom of each folder and not on the sides. Please mark them as follows:

Purple: Math (Demeuse Only) Blue: Social Studies (Demeuse Only) Yellow: Homework
__ A composition notebook (LaCroix and Clark only)
__ Two 1/2 inch white 3 ring binders (LaCroix and Clark only)
__ A set of ear buds for individual use on laptops (Dollar Store quality and students may use their pair purchased in previous years)
__ A pack of fat Expo Dry Erase Markers for personal use (a 2-pack is ?ne)
__ A jar of Clorox Wet Wipes (antibacterial is the best)
__ One large paperclip for planner (LaCroix and Clark only. See picture for example)
__ Gym shoes to keep at school (They may be shoes worn in previous years and just need to be clean on the bottom)
__ $4.50 to go toward the cost of planners. If paying by check, please make a check payable to Kettle Lake Elementary. Our generous PTO is paying for the Weekly Reader subscription for your child.