First Grade

Welcome to First Grade! We are so excited to be sharing first grade with you. Below is a list of supplies that will be helpful for First Grade. You can shop over the summer when things are on sale. Then, check them off as you put them in your backpack for the first day of school. We can hardly wait!!!

Student supplies:

____ 2 - folders (heavy duty plastic coated or strong 2 pocket folders)

____ crayons (your choice on the number)

____ colored pencils (please sharpen)

____ pencils

____ one bar eraser

____ scissors - child size (Is your child a lefty?)

____ "composition book" (often found with black and white cardboard cover - not a

spiral notebook kind)

____ gym shoes (these do not have to be new shoes - just clean shoes)

____ art shirt (just an old t-shirt will do)

____ one pair of headphones or earbuds

Items that will help out our classroom: (optional items to purchase)

____ one box of Ziplock bags - either snack or sandwich size

____ one box of tissues to share with the class

____ one box of band aids (You'd be surprised how many we go through in a year )

____ one container of "Clorox" type wipes - We clean our desks every Friday!

(Parents, we prefer that your child not bring markers to school. We find that student work is of better quality when markers are not used. We will have a tub of markers available when we need them for class projects. Thanks in advance for your support!)