Third Grade

Dear New Third Grader,

Congratulations on your promotion to 3rd grade! Here is the list of suggested supplies you'll need. Please label all personal supplies. Community supplies to not need to be labeled.

Personal Supplies

____ 1 12 inch/centimeter ruler
____2-3 dozen sharpened pencils
____Crayons (24 maximum)
____Colored pencils
____Broad-tipped markers
____Thin-tipped markers
____3 plain pocket subject folders labeled with your name, and "Math", "Reading and Writing", and "Science and Social Studies"
____Art shirt (to be left at school)
____Tennis shoes for PE (to be left at school)
____2 composition notebooks (plain preferred, as we will personalize at school)
____Desk pencil sharpener (optional)
____Ear buds for netbooks (please be sure they fit in or over your ears comfortably)
____$6.00 planner and communication folder (PTO is purchasing us Scholastic News) Community Supplies

____2 containers sanitizing wipes
____1 150 sheet package of lined paper
____ 1 gallon box "Ziploc" bags

Have a great summer vacation!
Mrs. Delmar Mrs. Fortuna Mrs. Noakes & Ms. Marceau