Superintendent's Office

Dr. Dedrick Martin began his commitment to leading the Caledonia Community School as superintendent in July 2018. Caledonia Community Schools is a proud and fast growing school community steeped in tradition that serves approximately 5,000 students.

Prior to his selection as the superintendent in Caledonia, he served as the Superintendent of St. Johns Public Schools for nearly 5 years before being appointed by the State Superintendent as the Director of Partnership School Districts and State School Reform Officer for the Michigan Department of Education. During his tenure with St. Johns Public Schools Dr. Martin is credited with the following accomplishments:

  • Academic improvements in 7 out of 9 categories as measured by State Dashboard for Accountability;
  • Improvement in all school building rankings on the statewide Top-to-Bottom ranking system ranging from 2% through 22% higher than the previous year;
  • Development and oversight of a creative new Ag-STEM University-Lab School Partnership with Central Michigan University;
  • Increased district fund balance from approximately 4% to 11% within 2 years without drops in academic performance.

Dr. Martin also served as the Superintendent of Ypsilanti Public Schools from 2009 until 2013. During his time in Ypsilanti, he managed a successful development of an aggressive High School Reform plan for Ypsilanti High School that resulted in a dramatic reduction in the high school dropout rate and an increase in the high school graduation rate. Additionally, he spearheaded the opening of Ypsilanti New Tech which was identified as a National Demonstration Site in 2011. Dr. Martin was instrumental in helping lead the process towards a successful consolidation vote to unite both Ypsilanti Public Schools and Willow Run Community Schools to form the Ypsilanti Community Schools. This consolidation effort resulted in the unprecedented merger of two neighboring school communities in the modern era and the obtainment of a $6 million dollar grant from the Michigan Department of Education to support the merger.

Dr. Martin is originally from Muskegon, Michigan. He has earned a Bachelor of Science from Grand Valley State University, a Masters of Educational Administration from the University of Houston and a Doctorate of Educational Leadership from Michigan State University.

He has been married for over 20 years and has two teenaged sons who are actively involved in various extracurricular activities.