Caledonia Key Communicators

Who we are ...

Mission Statement:

The Caledonia Community Schools Key Communicators strive to be effective liaisons between our schools and our community. We are committed to promoting communication and increasing understanding between our parents, our school administrators, and the community.

A little of our history...

The Key Communicators were formed in 1997 with the intention of providing community and parental level feedback to the administration as well as to provide an ancillary form of communicating district information out to our community.

The Key Communicator program is in use by many school districts across the country. It is a proven public relations concept that has provided many districts a valuable tool in sending and receiving information throughout the community they serve.

Where We Are Today...

Today we are an active group of parents striving to make a difference in our schools. The Key Communicators consist of a parent representative from each of our school buildings, a school board member, and our superintendent. Each parent that serves in this role meets regularly with the school's administrator (principal) and organized PTO's or Family Links groups. Then, we meet as a group with the district administration to provide them with community level feedback on issues important to parents and our school district.

At these meetings we share ideas, information, concerns and successes. It's a great opportunity to provide our schools with a parent perspective and support our district's goals of improved communication and increased parental involvement. We also get a chance to learn about any legislative issues that impact our school district.

In recent years, Key Communicators have been involved in providing input to Caledonia Community School's Strategic Plan, sharing information about important millage and bond issues, district growth committee planning, and hosting Community School Board Candidate Forums prior to school elections.

Key Communicators want to help you find the answers you need. So, if you have questions about our school and aren't sure who to ask, feel free to contact us. We work at rumor control too! If you've heard something and you need to get more information, contact your building representative. They can help steer you to the right people.