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Paris Ridge PTO Mission Statement:

"To support the combined efforts of teachers, staff, community and parents in providing an effective, challenging and happy academic experience for our children that is their first step on a lifelong path of learning at Paris Ridge Elementary."

2021/2022 PTO Board of Directors  

Amanda Barnes, President
Amanda Bard, Vice President
Kelly Malone, Treasurer
Melanie Ziegler, Secretary

PTO Members

Everyone! Every parent/caregiver with a child at Paris Ridge and all of the Paris Ridge staff and administration are ALL members of the PTO. We invite everyone to join us at the PTO meetings to learn more about what is happening at our school. 

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External LinkBox Tops for Education
Box Tops can be clipped from participating products and turned into school throughout the year or during the fall and spring competitions.  Each Box Top is worth 10 cents.  Paris Ridge can also earn money from eBox Tops when you shop online at participating retailers. Check the school calendar for the dates of our fall and spring competitions.

External LinkD&W, Family Fare & Felpaush Stores
Mention our school code when you checkout during select weeks throughout the year and a portion of the sale is credited to our school group account. The Paris Ridge Elementary School code is 103301.

External LinkMeijer
Pay using cash, debit card, or Meijer credit card and Meijer will donate 1% of the purchase to our school.  You must enroll in the Meijer 1 Rewards Program.  The Paris Ridge Elementary School code is 720203.

External LinkTerraCycle
Paris Ridge participates in the TerraCycle Drink Pouch Brigade, a recycling program for drink pouches.  Aluminum and plastic drink pouches (all brands) with straws or spouts are accepted as part of the program.  Drink pouches are collected in the cafeteria.


Join the Paris Ridge Families Facebook group to stay up-to-date on activities and connect with other families! Updates will be posted first in our Facebook group.


Would you like to join the email list? We understand that some families prefer email over a Facebook group, so please make the choice that works best for you. We will try to limit the number of emails that are sent so if you would prefer "real time updates," please consider joining the Facebook group. Click here to request to add your name.

Who is invited to attend a PTO Meeting?

Everyone! All parents and caregivers with a child at Paris Ridge Elementary are encouraged to join us for our PTO Meetings. 

Who is a member of the PTO? 

All Paris Ridge families plus our staff and administration are all members of the PTO. We all work together!

What happens at a PTO Meeting?

The PTO Board will discuss upcoming events and important activities happening at the school. Those in attendance will be the first to know the latest news!

If I come to a meeting, does it mean I am volunteering to help at all of the events?

Of course we would LOVE your help throughout the year, but no, coming to a meeting does not mean that you have volunteered for a school event. But attending does mean you can help us shape the PTO sponsored events at our school.

2018/2019 PTO Community Meeting Dates & Deadlines

Thursday, 9/20 7:00 PM in cafeteria
Thursday, 2/28 7:00 PM in cafeteria 
Thursday, 5/16 7:00 PM in cafeteria *Elections for 2020 Board
PTO meetings are held in the cafeteria or in the library and start at 7:00 pm.

PTO Board of Directors

Positions on the Board of Directors are a 2 year term. Each spring, 2 of the positions on the board will be up for election. All caregivers with a child at Paris Ridge are encouraged to participate in a leadership position in the PTO. The incumbent is also invited to run again for the position, but any and all candidates will be confirmed by the members in attendance at the last community PTO meeting of the year. 

In the spring of 2018, the positions for President and Secretary will be up for election. Nominations should be submitted via a letter to the PTO by April 11. In the spring of 2019, the positions for Vice President and Treasurer will be up for election.

We look forward to seeing you there! 


A collective decision was made by the elementary schools to postpone walk-a-thon fundraisers in the fall.  We will reassess in early 2021 to determine if spring is a viable option.  We are exploring alternative fundraising options and will be in touch with more details.

Thank you!

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Contact the PTO at  for a printed copy of any form that you may require. 

PTO Events

Links to view photos from our events are shared with the families on the PTO Email List. If you are a PARIS RIDGE FAMILY MEMBER, please email the PTO to be added to the list.

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