About CHS

Caledonia High School - "Preparing Students for Life"

Caledonia High School is a rural/suburban community just 10 miles south of Grand Rapids, MI. CHS serves approximately 1500 students and their families. The school offers strong academic and extracurricular programs in a student-centered, empowering environment. CHS students continue to receive numerous academic awards including scholarships for performance on state and national standardized tests. Graduation rates are consistently high, with over 96 percent of the students graduating on track in 2021. Parent participation in school activities and conferences is also high, and numerous partnerships with organizations, businesses and post-secondary institutions keep the students and staff connected to the needs and issues of their community.

Caledonia High School Mission Statement:

“The Caledonia High School Staff will provide ALL students with a learning environment and educational programs that enable them to become caring people and effective users of ideas and information.”

At Caledonia High School (CHS) we strive to provide all students with quality educational programs while emphasizing community spirit and encouraging personal excellence. Our school community, building procedures, and school policies are rooted in the belief that at CHS we are preparing students for LIFE. This understanding is the foundation of our four core beliefs that are woven into our school climate and culture: Leadership, Integrity, Family, and Engagement. We are pleased to have you as a member of our student body and look forward to building a great school community with you.