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Our Enrichment Department consists of the following activities for our students:

Mrs. Beth McLean, Co-coordinator

Our 8th hour classes are finished for the year.  Please check back in September for our Fall 8th hour classes for the 2015/16 school year. 

Boaters Safety Class- Monday 3/30/2015 and Wednesday 4/1/2015 from 6-9 pm at the Kraft Meadows Cafeteria.  You must attend both sessions. For more information or to register, email mcleanb@calschools.org 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eighth Hour?

Eighth hour is an opportunity for students to pursue their interests and work with other students with similar interests. Being in middle school, it is extremely important for each student to have the opportunity to have a variety of offerings, to explore, and have a good time. This is a great opportunity to do all three.

When is Eighth Hour?

Eighth Hour activities usually start in October and continue through December for the Fall session. The Winter session usually starts at the end of January and continues through March. Most classes last from 2:35 - 3:40; however, there are a few that go longer or shorter. Classes are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Who can get involved?

Any student at the middle school he/she attends is welcomed and encouraged to join. Some of the classes are limited in number so we give priority to the forms in the order they are turned in. If your child has a second or third preference, please be sure to note that on his/her form.

How do I sign up?

All participants will need a signed permission slip. 8th Hour offerings are given to each focus teacher to be handed out on a specific day. As 8th Hour classes are available on a first come basis, students should turn in the registration form to the office ASAP. There will be a box in the main office that says "8th Hour" and students should place their registration form face down in the box. A final class posting will be placed on each grade level hall bulletin board and each child will receive a confirmation slip indicating the class and the appropriate bus number.


We are pleased to announce that with Caledonia's transportation plan, MOST students will be able to be bussed home on an elementary school bus if room is permitted or if there is a stop for the student on the routes allotted. A shuttle bus may be available for students that need to ride a Kettle Lake Elementary bus. For those families in need of transportation, students will be dropped off at the nearest elementary school bus drop-off point closest to home. Parents picking their children up at school should do so no later than 3:40 PM at the parent drop-off location to avoid congestion with the busses. Parents should NOT park in the bus drop off area.

*Please note that the activities scheduled later than 3:40 p.m. will require participants to have their own rides home at the designated end of class.

Will there be supervision?

In order to provide a safe and orderly environment, students must be supervised after school. Each Eighth Hour activity will have at least one individual instructing and supervising. Attendance will be taken; however, it is the responsibility of the students and parents to be sure that students are attending classes. Eighth hour ends at 3:40 pm at which time all students should be picked up, ride the bus, or walk home. Please Note: There will be no supervision after 3:45 pm so students must be picked up before that time


We are pleased to offer this program for little or no cost to our students in the hope that they will be able to investigate or enhance their interests and talents. At this time, the only fees that will be charged will be for those classes requiring consumable supplies or fees. If there is a fee required, it will be stated in the class offering and will be due with registration slip to reserve your place in class. Classes requiring a fee will need to be paid with the registration in order to secure a place in the class. If the fees are a financial hardship for your family, please contact the Activities Office.

Can I participate in sports and still be in 8th Hour?

Practice times may interfere with 8th hour, but once games begin, students can be a part of this program. Generally, games don't start until after 8th Hour is over. If you child has an away game, an excused absence will be granted

kiwanis builders club

Coordinator: Mrs. Jill Maas

Builders Club is a "student led" organization. It will provide students with opportunities for working together for school and community service projects, as well as, develop leadership potential.

This group is the middle school version of "Key Club" at the high school. Students are welcome to join throughout the year.

Kraft's Builders Club is currently meeting one Wednesday a month during focus (approx. 7:30 - 8 am).   Please check with the Enrichment office for more school-specific information or go to www.buildersclub.org


To stimulate enthusiasm and a love for Mathematics

To introduce important Mathematical concepts

To teach major strategies for problem solving

To develop Mathematical flexibility in solving problems

To strengthen Mathematical intuition

To foster Mathematical creativity and ingenuity

Our math olympiads meet weekly for one hour after school.  There are several online competitions throughout the season which runs from November to April.  

Fall 2014- Teams are currently forming for the upcoming season.  If your child loves math and would like to join our team, please contact the Enrichment Office. 

For more general information go to www.moems.org 


Mrs. Jill Maas, Advisor

National Junior Honor Society (N.J.H.S.) strives to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to provide service, to promote leadership, to develop character and to encourage good citizenship. The Kraft Meadows Chapter of N.J.H.S. plays an active role in our school. Our N.J.H.S. plans and organizes service opportunities and social events throughout the school year. While planning the different activities and events, members develop leadership and project management skills.

Criteria for membership includes:

  • 7th or 8th grader
  • maintaining a cumulative 3.5 GPA or above
  • recording 4 service hours as a 6th grader with one hour of volunteer service being for school in order to be eligible for 7th grade.
  • Recording 6 service hours as a 7th grader with one hour of volunteer service being for the school in order to be eligible as a new member in 8th grade.

Students will receive a letter of eligibility in March after term 4. Students who are interested will need to complete the N.J.H.S. credential form and turn it into the Enrichment Office by mid-April as the induction ceremony is held in late-April or early- May.

For more general information go to www.njhs.us.

Service Hours Record Sheet

odyssey of the mind


Odyssey of the Mind teams within Caledonia Community Schools now operate through Caledonia EnrichED.  For information on Odyssey of the Mind programs in our district, please contact Directors, Christine Flodin and Kathy Sebel, at caledoniaom@gmail.com  

Caledonia EnrichED is a 501c3, non-profit organization that was formed in partnership with Caledonia Community Schools in 2015, dedicated to help maintain and enhance the quality of educational enrichment opportunities in our district.

Scence Olympiad

Kraft Meadows Science Olympiad Website:   

National Science Olympiad Website:

To create a passion for learning science by supporting elementary and secondary Science Olympiad tournaments at building, district, county, state and national levels with an emphasis on teamwork and a commitment to excellence.

To improve the quality of K-12 science education throughout the nation by changing the way science is perceived and the way it is taught (with an emphasis on problem solving and hands-on, minds-on constructivist learning practices). This goal is accomplished through in-depth core curriculum training workshops and the distribution of curriculum materials.

To celebrate and recognize the outstanding achievement of both students and teachers in the areas of science and technology by awarding thousand of certificates, medals, trophies and scholarships.

To promote partnerships among community, businesses, industry, government and education.

spelling bee

The 2017/2018 KMMS Spelling Bee will be held on Thursday, Jan. 11th beginning at 12:00 noon in the library. The Regional Spelling Bee will be held at Duncan Lake Middle School this year on Tuesday February 27th.   

Student Council is a student-led forum where representatives from each focus classroom meet to plan and implement spirit activities and to discuss matters and make proposals relevant to student affairs throughout the school year.

Various activities that are sponsored by Student Council are:

Candy Grams in December and February, Pep Assemblies and some Service Projects.

Box Tops and Campbell Soup Labels are collected all year. These are passed on to our Special Ed. students who process them and use the funds to make additional classroom purchases.

Diversity Council- Kelly Green, Adviser/KMMS School Counselor




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