Procedure for Early Dismissal

Early Dismissal for Inclement Weather

Winter weather can make road conditions very unpredictable. When road conditions deteriorate during the course of the school day, we may need a little extra time to transport our student's home safely. In order to do so, our plan is to dismiss our middle school and high school students twenty (20) minutes early. Our elementary schools will NOT dismiss early.

Early dismissal will allow our bus drivers extra time to transport our secondary students home safely and return to our elementary schools for normal dismissal time. Some of our students may arrive home or to a bus stop earlier than normal so please plan accordingly.

The district will notify local media outlets when the decision is made to dismiss our secondary students early. Most local television stations offer free text and/or email notification services for cancellations, delays, and early dismissals from school. In addition to notifying the media, each building will send an early dismissal notification via email. Safely delivering our students home is our main priority and your help is greatly appreciated. Please contact your building principal if you have any questions.