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Events Calendar

The Caledonia Chamber of Commerce has created a Community Events Calendar that is a great resource for our families.  If you are looking for events going on in Caledonia, check out their website to find events going on in Caledonia!  

‚ÄčThe community of Caledonia offers many opportunities for students to grow and flourish throughout their school careers and beyond.  Whether your student prefers to participate in sports, STEM activities, or the arts, their needs will be satisfied by the broad range of quality programs offered.  Please explore the links on this page to find out more information.

Upcoming Community Events

The community events listed below were submitted by non-profit organizations to keep your family updated about opportunities in the community. Caledonia Community Schools does not sponsor or endorse these activities. Please contact the specified organization for additional details.

Community Events Flyer Submission

  1. The district accepts submissions from non-profit organizations of non-curricular flyers that have a social, recreational, or educational value for students (Refer to Board Policies - 9700, 5722, 9700.01).
  2. Flyers are posted on the district’s Community Events webpage.
  3. Please note that all flyers must have a disclaimer stating, “This event is not sponsored or endorsed by Caledonia Community Schools.”
  4. Non-profits must use our Google Form to submit flyers. 
  5. All submissions are reviewed before being published and CCS reserves the right to reject unsuitable or inappropriate postings at our sole discretion
  6. Email questions to

Community Flyers

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Dino's & Dragon's Interactive Walk-thru Experience

DINO & DRAGON STROLL is the only North American tour that lets you walk-thru and get up close to life-like and life-size dinosaurs AND dragons. This must-see event features the LARGEST creatures touring the country, much larger than any other event of its kind. The dinosaurs and dragons are MASSIVE, some standing over 28 feet tall and spanning over 60 feet long. DINO & DRAGON STROLL also features the NEWEST dinosaurs and dragons produced with advanced animatronic and sound technology that brings these amazing creatures to life. Check out their flyer for more information on free tickets for students.

Kiwanis 19th Annual Charity Golf Tournament

Caledonia Kiwanis is hosting its 19th annual charity golf tournament to benefit the students of Caledonia on June 3, 2022. We are so grateful for a wonderful community that supports our students. If you have questions about the event or would like to participate, call 616-293-3111 or email for more information.

Little Scots Round Up

Parents interested in learning more about developmental expectations and readiness for their incoming Young Fives or Kindergarten aged child* are invited to participate in an optional informational "Round Up" held on June 7th & 8th at Duncan Lake Early Childhood Center. Forty-five min time slots are available. See sign-up form for more details.

ESSER Community Forum

Caledonia Community Schools is hosting two community forums to get public input on the use of Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds. We have set up two opportunities for our students, staff, and community, to engage in meaningful consultation with each stakeholder group and take into account their input. Check out our website and flyer for more information.

Caledonia K-8 Summer Basketball Opportunities

The Girls Varsity Basketball Coach at Caledonia High School, Todd Bloemers, has put together two middle school summer basketball camps.  Their mission is to build relationships with the young players in our community in order to help players develop and improve upon basketball fundamental skills, to help kids establish new friendships, and connect our young players with high school coaches and players. They want players to have fun and grow their love for the game of basketball, which will help establish an engaging culture for Caledonia Basketball! Check out their flyer for more information on basketball camps for boys and girls.