Fine Arts At Caledonia Community schools

The Caledonia Community Schools Music Department is committed to providing a high quality K-12 music education to every child. We are proud to offer a wide variety of educational opportunities, including General Music for every elementary student and high quality Band, Orchestra, and Choir ensembles for our secondary students. Our middle school and high school ensembles routinely earn top ratings at MSBOA and MSVMA competitions. We offer many unique programs for our students, including Jazz Bands and 4th and 5th grade Elementary Orchestra. Caledonia High School features a state-of-the-art Fine Arts Center that provides an acoustically rich performing environment for students throughout our district.

Elementary Fine Arts

Elementary Music Curriculum

1st through 5th grade students receive music instruction 45 minutes once per week in Caledonia Elementary Schools. Kindergarten students receive music two days a week for 30 minutes each class. All children participate in at least one performance for the Caledonia Community.

The K-2nd  general music curriculum is based on a spiral format where the activities and learning are based on previous song experiences and accurate developmental levels form the basis for future learning. This curriculum is based in play and experiential learning. Musical concepts are taught using icons and experiences that will later build to symbolic.  Students are singing everyday and use a variety of general music instruments.

The 3rd-5th general music curriculum is constructed to teach the student who is ready to read and notate music as a concrete language. The outcomes of this curriculum include pitch matching, rhythmic, melodic and harmonic ostinatos. Students are singing everyday and use a variety of classroom instruments. 

All students are exploring rhythm and melody through the following musical modalities:

Singing, Reading, Writing, Improvising/Creating, Moving, Playing, and Listening.

Secondary School Band

What Makes Up Band Music In The Middle

Caledonia Middle Schools' Bands are comprised of 6th, 7th and 8th grade bands from both Duncan Lake and Kraft Meadows middle schools, a 7th and 8th grade jazz band and a 6th, 7th and 8th grade steel band called Mini-Strike. See more.


The bands perform 3 indoor concerts per year, the 7th grade performs in the Memorial Day Parade and the 8th grade performs in a pre-game of a varsity football game. Both 8th grade bands perform in MSBOA District 10 Band Festival. The jazz band performs in the spring concert and also performs in the Thornapple Arts Council Jazz Festival. Mini-Strike performs a concert every spring.


Caledonia Bands use a web based program for finances, calendar, assessment and much more. Weekly playing quizzes are taken through Charms so that the director can individually assess the students to better help with student progress. Charms can be accessed by Internet at, or by their free smartphone/tablet app. Once you are on the website, select "parent/student log in", the school code is "caledoniaband" and the password is your student's lunch code.



Caledonia High School has an outstanding orchestra tradition through which students have consistently reached the highest level of musicianship. See more.

Elementary Honors Choirs

Honors Choir

Our elementary schools offer co-curricular honors choirs that perform at concerts and community events. Students are introduced to vocal technique, performance etiquette, and singing as part of an ensemble.

Secondary School Choir


The mission of the Caledonia Community Schools Choral program is to nurture students’ musical gifts and creativity by inviting every student to develop their voice, experience a high level of music-making, and cultivate a lifelong appreciation for music. This means that all students are invited to realize their gifts in music ensembles, on the stage, and beyond.

The Choral program at Caledonia extends from the first years of music class in elementary school, through middle school, and into high school. Our mission is to provide high quality and holistic musical experiences for all students.

Middle School Choirs

Our program consists of one Choral ensemble per grade level at both Kraft Meadows and Duncan Lake:

6th Grade Choir

Students will begin developing and applying healthy vocal production in a large group setting. Over the course of the year, students will broaden their musical vocabulary, explore genres of music, and learn several languages through song. Building confidence, performing as a team, and learning how to read music highlight students’ first step into Choir.

7th Grade Choir

Students will continue to develop and apply healthy vocal production. There are opportunities to sing advanced literature and perform solos in smaller groups. Musical independence, music literacy, and performance presentation are core elements of seventh grade choir; in addition, these choirs will attend festival and have extra opportunities to share their music.

8th Grade Choir

Students will continue to develop and apply healthy vocal production with advanced literature, singing independently in three or four part harmony. Eighth grade students will experience sight-singing at the intermediate or advanced level and participate in various festivals across Michigan. There are many solo and group singing opportunities available, whether at an athletic event or the Spring Choir concert!

High School Choirs

The following choral ensembles at Caledonia High School are designed to instruct students in the areas of vocal technique, performance skills, music literacy and ear training:

Treble Choir

Females grades 9-12, no audition necessary.

Men’s Ensemble

Males grades 9-12, no audition necessary.

Women’s Choir

Females grades 10-12. Prerequisites: one year of experience in Treble Choir or Women’s Choir, students must pass an audition with the director.


Mixed ensemble, grades 10-12. Prerequisites: one year of experience in Treble Choir or Women’s Choir, students must pass an audition with the director