Elementary Music Curriculum

First thru Fifth grade students receive music instruction 45 minutes per week in Caledonia Elementary Schools. Kindergarten students receive music two days a week for 30 minutes each class. All children participate in at least one performance for the Caledonia Community.

The Kindergarten thru Second grade curriculum is a spiral structure with all the activities and learning based on previous experiences and accurate developmental levels form the basis for future learning. This curriculum is based in play and experiential learning. Concepts are taught using icons and experiences that will later build the to symbolic.

The following modalities are explored throughout the K-2 curriculum.

The third thru Fifth grade curriculum is constructed to teach the student who is ready to read and notate music as a concrete language. The outcomes of this curriculum include pitch matching, rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic ostinatos, and understandings of rhythmic, melodic, and expressive elements through the following musical modalities.

Singing , Reading, Writing, Improvising/Creating, Moving, Playing, Moving and Listening.