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Welcome To Caledonia Middle Schools Athletics

Caledonia Middle Schools are members of the West Michigan Middle School Conference (WMMSC).   This conference is made up of the Blue, Bronze, Gold and White Divisions. Caledonia Middle Schools is a member of the Bronze Division along with Bryon Center, TK Middleville, Wayland and Wyoming. In some athletic events, we will be crossing over with schools from other divisions.

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Winter I


Cross Country (6th/7th/8th grades) Boys Basketball (7th/8th grades) Track (7th/8th grades)
Sideline Cheer (7th/8th grades)  Competitive Cheer (7th/8th grades) Tennis (6th/7th/8th grades)
Volleyball (7th/8th grades)

            Winter II

  Girls Basketball (7th/8th grades)  
  Wrestling (6th/7th/8th grades)  



Middle School Athletic Contacts

Angie Stauffer
Middle School Athletic Director
Duncan Lake Middle School
(616) 891-1380 Ext: 7103

Karen Sundberg
Athletic/Discipline Assistant
Duncan Lake Middle School
(616) 891-1380 Ext: 7107

Sheila Swartz
Athletic Assistant
Kraft Meadows Intermediate School
(616) 891-1380