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                       Welcome Back Everyone! 

      1st Day of School is Tuesday, September 2nd 

     1st Home Football Game Thursday, August 28th


Some of the CHS Webpages are currently down.  

We're sorry for the inconvenience and will let you know when all the pages are active again.


                             Caledonia High School 


                                     Building Profile   

Caledonia Alum who have served our country or are currently serving. Thank youhonor (2)

If you know a CHS alumni who is serving our country, please let us know by calling 891-7011.


CHS makes Newsweek's "America's Best HS List"

Welcome Back!
Caledonia Community Schools begin on Tuesday, September 2nd for a full day of school! We're excited to begin another year. See you then!
Infinite Campus Accounts
Infinite Campus accounts for freshman and new students are being processed now. It will take a few weeks to get to everyone. All those who signed up will get an email with activiation code information.
CHS Fighting Scot Update
CHS Fighting Scot Update will resume the first week of school. Please email Mrs. Durkee to subscribe or unsubscribe to this elist.
We are so excited by the positive support from our community. If you are interested in the what are plans are, please refer to the Bond Facts for general information.