Technology Department


The District Technology Office is committed to supporting technology in the classroom in order to maximize learning potential for both teachers and students.

We are proud that Caledonia Community Schools has a rich tradition of being at the forefront of the use of Technology in our schools. Through lean times and rich times, Caledonia Schools has continually pushed the envelope with the use of educational technology with nearly 4500 students.

The students of Caledonia Community Schools have been the beneficiary of the successful 2012 Bond Campaign.  Starting in July of 2014, the district has made significant enhancements to the learning environment.  Our goal of enabling nearly every student to benefit from the use of technology in or out of the classroom on a daily basis. Part of the realization of that goal has been our Chromebook implementation. Other teacher or student-centered projects have included distributing around 400 teacher laptops and upgrading over 200 student workstations.

Technology Plan Summary




Technology Department Staff

Rhonda Schroder
Administrative Assistant
Daniel Hubbell
Director of Technology
Matthew Bierema
Level 2 Technician
Matthew Botsford
Level 2 Technician
Jordan Liszewski
Level 2 Technician
Chris Worch
Level 2 Technician
Mitch Skriba
Level 3 Technician
Rich Plummer
System Engineer