Senior Year Timeline

College Bound

The checklist at the link below will walk you through the list of things you should be tackling during your senior year, to ensure a smooth application process. Visits to college fairs, the FAFSA, transcript requests, letters of recommendation, testing, applications and more are covered. 

Google DocMaster Checklist for COLLEGE BOUND Seniors

Career Route

There are many different pathways to meaningful work. Students who wish to enter the workforce directly following high school may benefit from further training to advance their careers. The timeline at the link below, provides opportunities to do just this. 

Google DocMaster Checklist for CAREER BOUND Seniors

Undecided? Unsure

You are not alone! Use this time to explore careers to better understand your passions and the steps you'll need to take to plan your future. 

Google DocMaster Checklist for UNDECIDED Seniors


Senior Check-List

Senior Class Fall Checklist

Not sure where to start? Take a look at the 1st Steps Guide below...

PDF Document1st Steps