For Parents

Information for Parents of Kettle Lake

Dear Parents and Families,

On behalf of the entire Kettle Lake Elementary staff, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you as we begin the 2018-2019 school year. Together, we enter into a vital partnership for the education of your child. It will take our combined effort and commitment to help your child reach their highest potential. We look forward to working with you during this upcoming school year. Please know that we will do all we can to foster a safe and caring learning environment in which our children feel loved and respected.

Our staff

The Kettle Lake Staff is composed of dedicated, caring, professional educators who are passionate about teaching and learning. We realize that our efforts will have a lasting influence on the students we serve. Therefore, we are committed to achieving excellence in education. Likewise, in order to develop to their fullest potential, students must strive to accomplish their personal best in all they do. We hope that every student takes full advantage of the educational opportunities they will be presented with this school year.

The Website

Our website is designed to help you become familiar with Kettle Lake Elementary, its staff, educational opportunities, procedures, and routines. If you should ever have any questions we can help answer, please do not hesitate to call or stop by our office.

Cougar Promise

At Kettle Lake Elementary School we strive to be Cougar Cool every single day. Our Cougar Promise states:

I know the way and I can show the way.

I am safe…I am responsible…I am kind.

I am Cougar Cool!

Community volunteers

Our parents are vital and active members of the Kettle Lake learning community through volunteering in the classroom and engaging with our vibrant and active Parent-Teacher Organization. The Kettle Lake PTO sponsors a whole host of activities throughout the school year to help us educate the whole child.

Kettle Lake Elementary School is proud to provide a safe and caring environment where every student has an opportunity to grow and learn. Again, I welcome each of you to Kettle Lake Elementary School. We look forward to working cooperatively with all our families to make this the best school year ever!


Sean M. McLaughlin, Principal
Kettle Lake Elementary School

This year, all Kent County Schools have agreed to a common policy regarding attendance in our schools. The theme Kent ISD is using this year is “Strive for Five”.  Accompanying the change in policy is the addition of the term, “chronic absenteeism,” which is missing 10% or more of the instructional days at any point in the calendar year. Essentially, the hope of the ISD and surrounding schools, including Caledonia Community Schools, is to have students present for instruction as often as possible (i.e., missing 5 days or less - “Strive for Five”).

Should a student miss five days for medical appointments, illness, etc., parents will receive a letter informing them of the accumulated absences. If your child misses 10 school days, a referral will be made to Kent ISD. At that time, parents will be encouraged to meet with their building principal to create a plan for improved attendance.  In the event attendance continues to be problematic, and reach the point of 15 days, further action will be taken including a second referral to the ISD.

As always, our plan is to work with our parents. We recognize that at times there are extenuating circumstances which prohibit children from being in school. The intent, however is that your child is in school when possible. Please make sure to provide the school with documentation if your child visits a medical professional (e.g., letter from the dentist, pediatrician, etc.). Ultimately, the goal is for our students to take in all of the instruction available to them.  Should you have any questions, please contact your child’s principal.

What Will Your Child Learn At School?

The Michigan Department of Education has established standards and benchmarks that all school districts must follow.  School districts are given the flexibility to choose their own textbooks, resources, materials, and methods, but all schools must teach the State Standards. These standards and benchmarks can be found within the Michigan Merit Curriculum and are assessed through the MSTEP and SAT tests.   Caledonia Community Schools meets these State Standard requirements by following our district curriculum which is correlated with the Michigan Merit Curriculum.

K-12 English Language Arts Standards

K-12 Math Standards

K-12 Science Standards

K-12 Social Studies Standards

Arts Standards

Physical Education Standards

K-8 Health Standards

Use Our Library Program From Home

The Caledonia schools have begun using a new web-based library program called Destiny. This program can be accessed anywhere you have internet. You can see what books your student has checked out, their cost if they are lost, and see a history of all the books they have checked out from the Kettle Lake library. Your student can also make a personal list of books they would like to check out to use when they come to library, hold a book if it is checked out, and they can recommend a book to others or write a review. To log onto this program, click the link found here and choose Kettle Lake Elementary. Login in the upper right corner. The user name is your student's FirstNameLastName with no spaces. The password is their student ID number. Check out our exciting new program with them!

External LinkDestiny

School Dismisses at 3:45 p.m. 

All families have been issued a Family Pick Up number.  If your child does not have a "number", please contact the Kettle Lake Office.


PDF DocumentKettle Lake Student Handbook

If you have any questions please call the office at 868-6113.

Engaging Our School Community

One of our specific missions is to engage our school community.  We seek to engage our community through various partnerships and volunteering is one of the critical components.

Caledonia has a rich history of support from parents, relatives, and the community. Volunteering makes a tremendous impact in the lives of our students across the district. 

If you are interested in volunteering we ask that you carefully read the Volunteer Information and Guidelines Handbook and simply fill out the required forms. Both forms are located at the end of the handbook, which can be found at the link below.

Thank you for your commitment to Caledonia Community Schools and the lives of our students.

District Volunteer Guidelines Handbook and required forms

Volunteer Consent Form for 2020-2021

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