Graduates of Caledonia, who would like their transcript sent to themselves, a college, employer, etc. should complete the Transcript Request Form below. 

Google FormsGraduate Transcript Request

Naviance Instructions

Seniors requesting official transcripts for college, scholarships, etc. must do so via Naviance Student (see instructions below). Unofficial transcripts are available on PowerSchool.

Login and Check College List

  1. Start at

  2. Choose Caledonia High School
  3. Select Naviance from the quick links for Students and Parents section
  4. Login using Clever...OR, enter your School Email address as the username and School ID as the password, and click “Login”
  5. Click on “Colleges” and scroll down to “Colleges I’m Applying To”
  6. Click “+Add to this List”
    • IF you haven’t already added the school:
      • Search for it by clicking “lookup” 
      • Enter the school name and click “Go”
    • IF you are applying via Common App, you will first need to merge your account with Naviance

Transcript & Test Score Request

  1. Click the box next to the college(s) you are requesting a transcript for
  2. Select the “+ Request Transcripts” at the top
  3. Select “Initial Transcript” in the fall/winter/spring, “Final” transcript in May
  4. Indicate whether you’d like your unofficial SAT and/or ACT Test Scores included
  5. Click “Request and Finish”
  6. You can see the institutions you’ve requested transcripts for (or request additional transcripts) by clicking “Manage Transcripts” listed under the “Colleges” tab

Video DocumentSTU TUBE Requesting Transcripts and/or Test Scores

Letter of Recommendation Request

Some colleges require that letters of recommendation be submitted with your application. To add a request:

  1. Click on the Colleges tab and select “Letters of Recommendation”
  2. Click “Add Request”
  3. Select your teacher by pulling down the arrow (be sure you’ve discussed this with them before doing so!) If you can’t find your teacher, please contact them asap and/or let your counselor know
  4. Select whether you’d like the letter to be sent to specific colleges, or all of your current and future applications.
  5. Add a personal note to the teacher(s), if desired
  6. Click “Submit Request”
  7. Be sure to speak to your teacher directly before making this request AND to follow up with them directly, as deadlines near. 

Video DocumentSTU TUBE Requesting Letters of Recommendation in Naviance

Requesting Transcripts for Scholarships, Athletics, NCAA

  1. Go to the Colleges tab

  2. Manage Transcripts
  3. Click on the pink "+" sign and select "Other Transcript"
  4. Select the appropriate boxes and enter the information regarding where the transcript should be sent. 
  5. Click "Request and Finish"
  6. Contact your counselor to be sure the request