Caledonia High School does not administer the ACT Test. Those who wish to take it, should register and pay via the ACT site on their own. Tests are typically administered at a nearby school (Davenport, EK, EGR) 

External LinkRegister for the ACT online via ACT's official site. 

ACT Test Dates [2022-23]

TEST: September 10
Deadline: August 5
Late Deadline: August 19

TEST: October 22
Deadline: September 16
Last Deadline: September 30

TEST: December 10
Deadline: November 4
Late Deadline: November 11

TEST: February 11
Deadline: January 6
Late Deadline: January 20

TEST: April 15
Deadline: March 10
Late Deadline: March 24

TEST: June 10
Deadline: May 5
Late Deadline: May 19

TEST: July 15
Deadline: June 16
Late Deadline: June 23

External LinkACT Test Preparation - has a page full of test preparation materials, including study guides, practice for each subject, webinars and more 

External LinkACT Support Materials - has support materials available on a wide range of subjects including registration, preparing for test day, using your results and more! 

External LinkThe Princeton Review's SAT, ACT or Both? (12/4/22 & 3/12/23) - In this session they will discuss the truths and misconceptions, similarities and differences, and the strategies that improve scores on both tests.  

External LinkThe Princeton Review's ACT Strategy Session (12/6/22 & 3/13/23) - Students will learn basic strategies which will help improve scores on their next practice or official exam.