Transportation Department

Our Mission Statement:

Transforming student travel to ensure the safest, most reliable journey for our children through continuous training of all employees and the development of innovative technology.

In an effort to better serve the families who are using bus transportation next year, we are asking families to "sign up for busing" this month. By signing up now, our transportation department will have a better understanding of who will be using district transportation next fall, which will allow for the most timely and efficient routes, thereby reducing student ride times on the bus.   

It is important that you submit this "sign up" form no later than Tuesday, May 31, 2022. Please do not sign up for busing unless your student will regularly ride the bus. Should your transportation needs change at any time during the school year, simply use the “sign up” form for any changes or call our Transportation Department at (616) 891-0224.

Registration Link:
Google Forms2022-2023 bus registration form
PDF DocumentOnline Registration for Transportation Flyer

School Cancellation Information:

Wondering how to find out if school is closed due to weather conditions?
There are a few ways to get this information.


Closing information is sent to these TV outlets: WoodTV8, WZZM13, Fox17

Click here for WOODTV for closing notices.

Please do not attempt to contact the Transportation Office or Administration Building for closing or delay information. The above contacts will have the information minutes after the decision is made.  You can sign up to receive closing or delay information through text or email from WOODTV.
click here to set up text alerts 
click here for email notifications.

SMS/Text via SchoolMessenger:

To opt-in, text Y to 67587 from the cell phone you wish to receive text messages on. The cell phone number must be associated with your student’s account in our Student Information System in order to receive text messages.

Opting in doesn’t automatically mean that you will start receiving text messages. It means you have indicated your willingness to receive messages from SchoolMessenger when our district tries to reach out to you. In addition to performing the opt-in process, you’ll want to make sure your child’s school has the correct wireless numbers in our Student Information System. If you haven’t provided this information, please contact your child’s school.

For more information visit our PowerSchool Support page.

Special Note for 2 Hour Delay:

If the reasons for the 2 hr. delay do not improve, school may be canceled. Parents should monitor the local stations for any change in delay status.

Thank You

Thank you for allowing us to transport your child. We want their day to begin and end as safe and enjoyable as possible. We feel the bus is an extension of the classroom. Learning does not stop when a student walks out of the door of the school. Students learn in all areas of life. On the bus we hope they learn to be on time, follow the rules, sharing with and kindness to others and much more.

As a Transportation team of drivers, mechanics, assistants, trainers, and dispatchers we all enjoy our jobs, but we do take our jobs very seriously. Safety is what we stress with parents, students, and motorist. Please check out the other areas on our web page about Bus Discipline, Responsibility of Students and Safety Issues.

Student Safety

For safety, students will:

  • Be courteous to other students and drivers
  • not use profanity, vulgar language or gestures
  • not eat on the bus
  • not use violence on or off the bus
  • remain seated on the bus
  • not smoke/vape
  • not put anything outside the bus window
  • not destroy property
  • not distract the driver through misbehavior

Thank you for helping us give Caledonia students the safest ride possible every time they board a bus!

Parents of students who ride the bus...

Will be responsible for the safety of their child while going to and from the bus stop and while waiting for the bus to arrive. The District will not enter into disputes involving parents and/or students that take place prior to the student boarding the bus, or after the student has exited the bus on his/her way home.  Students are expected conduct themselves in a proper manner at bus stops. Students must respect other homeowners' property- no littering, trespassing, foul language, or excessive noise.

Will have their child at the bus stop 10 minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time. For your child's safety, if your child has missed the bus please do not drive up behind the bus and let your child off at the next stop. The bus is larger than your vehicle and the driver can not see you behind them. When the driver goes to pull back into traffic, your child could get run over.

Will meet all kindergartner students at the bus stop when they are exiting the bus. Please be at the stop 5 minutes prior to the drop-off time. We will keep young students on the bus when there is no one to meet them at the stop and bring them back to the Transportation Department for parent pick up. We will make every effort to call home and leave a message regarding where you can pick up your child.

Will be responsible for any damage by their child to the school bus, personal property or public property.

Will have their students ride only their assigned bus and get off only at their assigned stop. Parents may call for permission from the Transportation Department for their student to ride another bus into school. For safety reasons, they will only be able to get off the bus at their assigned stop. Please call the Transportation Department at 891-0224 in case of an emergency for any change in a student's assigned stop. A permanent transfer to another route or bus stop would be made in the same way.

Will have their students cross all streets at least ten(10) feet in the front of the bus and after the driver has signaled the student that it is safe to cross.

Will remind their students about the safe operation of the school bus, noise on the buses shall be kept to a minimum with the students speaking in classroom voices. Students will be quiet at railroad crossings and other danger zones as designated by the bus driver.

Will remind their student that they should not carry anything on the bus that is larger than what will fit on their lap. Students must not transport on a school bus: pets (alive or dead), alcoholic beverages, drugs, ammunition, explosives, firearms, knifes, or any other dangerous materials or objects.

No golf clubs, skis, skateboards, hockey sticks, snowboards, fishing poles, or hard sleds are permitted on regular run buses. If there is any question on a particular item, the Director of Transportation should be consulted.

Riding the bus is a privilege not a right. The bus driver is the sole authority on the bus while students are being transported.

Elementary School Zone Maps

Information about our elementary schools zones can be found on the Enrollment page

Transportation Department

Office Hours: 6:00am-5:00pm, M-F
Summer Hours: 6:00am-3: 30 pm, M-Th
Phone 616-891-0224
Fax 616-528-8115
8944 Kraft Ave.
Caledonia, MI 49316


Executive Director Of Operations and Transportation