DLMS Athletics

Welcome To Duncan Lake (Caledonia) Middle School Athletics!

Duncan Lake (Caledonia) Middle School is a member of the West Michigan Middle School Conference (WMMSC).   This conference is made up of the Blue, Bronze, Gold and White Divisions. Caledonia Middle Schools is a member of the Bronze Division along with Bryon Center, TK Middleville, Wayland and Wyoming. In some athletic events, we will be crossing over with schools from other divisions.



Winter I


Cross Country (6th/7th/8th grades) Boys Basketball (7th/8th grades) Track (7th/8th grades)
Sideline Cheer (7th/8th grades)  Competitive Cheer (7th/8th grades) Tennis (6th/7th/8th grades)
Volleyball (7th/8th grades)

            Winter II

  Girls Basketball (7th/8th grades)  
  Wrestling (6th/7th/8th grades)  



All middle school students participating in a school-sponsored sport must have an athletic physical on file. This physical must be completed, signed, and dated by a physician. Forms can be downloaded and printed here.

School-sponsored sports that require a physical: Cross Country, Volleyball, Sideline & Competitive Cheer, Basketball, Wrestling, Track, and Tennis.

Middle School Athletic Contacts

Fred Townsend
Director of Athletics
Phil Miedema
Assistant Athletic Director