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District Budgets                         

PDF Document2022-2023 Budget Comparison
PDF Document2021-2022 Budget Comparison
PDF Document2020-2021 Budget Comparison                 
PDF Document2019-2020 Budget Comparison                 
PDF Document2018-2019 Budget Comparison                 
PDF Document2017-2018 Budget Comparison                 
PDF Document2016-2017 Budget Comparison
PDF Document2015-2016 Budget Comparison

ESSER Spending

PDF DocumentESSER Spending Transparency Document
PDF DocumentESSER Community Presentation - January 26, 2022
Video DocumentESSER Community Recording - January 26, 2022

Video Links

External LinkHow Michigan Schools are Funded
External LinkWhere Tax Dollars for Education Come From
External LinkHow Schools Spend their Resources  
External LinkHow COVID-19 Impacts School Funding

Financial Presentations and information

PDF Document22-23 Audit Presentation 10-16-23
PDF DocumentPublic Hearing Presentation 6-19-23
PDF DocumentUpdated 23-24 Draft Preliminary Budget Projections 5-15-23
PDF Document23-24 Draft Preliminary Budget Projections 4-17-23
PDF DocumentBudget Amendments & ESSER Update 2-21-23
PDF Document21-22 Audit Presentation 10-17-22
PDF DocumentPublic Hearing Presentation 6-20-22
PDF DocumentBudget Projections 3-21-22
PDF DocumentBudget Amendments 1-17-22
PDF DocumentFinance Update 11-15-21
PDF Document20-21 Audit Presentation 10-18-21
PDF DocumentPublic Hearing Presentation 6-21-21
PDF Document21-22 Budget Projections 4-19-21
PDF DocumentBudget Amendment 2-15-21
PDF DocumentFinancial Overview 11-16-20
PDF DocumentPublic Hearing Presentation 6-22-20
PDF DocumentFinancial Overview 5-18-20
PDF DocumentBudget Projections 2020-2023 4-20-20
PDF DocumentHeadlee Rollback Presentation 5-20-19
PDF DocumentBudget Transition and Projections 19-20
PDF DocumentBudget Projections 19-20 and Overview 3-18-19
PDF Document2018-19 Budget Amendment Presentation 1-21-19
PDF Document2014 Bond Projects Update 1-21-19
PDF Document2014 Bond Update
PDF Document2014 Bond Completed Projects
PDF DocumentHeadlee Override Millage Proposal - November 6, 2018 election
PDF DocumentEnrollment Update and Trends 9-17-18

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