For Parents

For Parents of Paris Ridge Elementary

On behalf of the staff at Paris Ridge Elementary, I would like to welcome you to our website which has been designed to help current and prospective families become familiar with our school, our staff, and the educational opportunities available to students and their families. On the site, you will find information about upcoming events, a directory of school staff, links to our school newsletter and other pertinent information.

Our School

Paris Ridge opened its doors in 2009 and offers Kindergarten through 4th-grade classes for around 320 students. The Paris Ridge staff consists of highly qualified educators (as mandated under federal legislation) and support staff who are passionate about their work. Our staff believes that their role is to facilitate student learning and to assist students in reaching their highest potential as independent, innovative and inspired learners.

Educational Opportunities

Students at Paris Ridge have access to 1:1 technology in all grades. In addition, students attend art, music, Spanish and physical education classes as part of their weekly schedule. In the classroom, teachers utilize a variety of instructional techniques to differentiate and facilitate student learning.

School Environment

Paris Ridge is a PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Supports) school. Our philosophy is to use positive behavioral reinforcement to shape student behavior around three central topics: being safe, respectful and responsible. Student expectations are clearly articulated for all areas of our building and students are recognized when they contribute positively. The PBIS system of support fosters student independence and places an emphasis on the importance of self-monitoring.

Our Philosophy

As a staff, we believe our job is to teach students to…….

  • Be lifelong learners
  • Be successful community members
  • Be problem solvers
  • Be independent
  • Be respectful toward others

Community Volunteers

Our Paris Ridge community is critical to our success and we encourage parents and community members to become involved through volunteering and in participating in school-wide events. We have an active PTO who develop and implement a number of events throughout the year. For more information about these events, please see the PTO page.

The Website

Our website has been designed to help you become familiar with Paris Ridge Elementary and we hope that it is informative and answers most questions you might have. However, if you have additional questions that cannot be answered here, please do not hesitate to call or stop by our office. Welcome to Paris Ridge!


Mr. Kris M. Vydareny
Paris Ridge Elementary

This year, all Kent County Schools have agreed to a common policy regarding attendance in our schools. The theme Kent ISD is using this year is “Strive for Five”.  Accompanying the change in policy is the addition of the term, “chronic absenteeism,” which is missing 10% or more of the instructional days at any point in the calendar year. Essentially, the hope of the ISD and surrounding schools, including Caledonia Community Schools, is to have students present for instruction as often as possible (i.e., missing 5 days or less - “Strive for Five”).

Should a student miss five days for medical appointments, illness, etc., parents will receive a letter informing them of the accumulated absences. If your child misses 10 school days, a referral will be made to Kent ISD. At that time, parents will be encouraged to meet with their building principal to create a plan for improved attendance.  In the event attendance continues to be problematic, and reach the point of 15 days, further action will be taken including a second referral to the ISD.

As always, our plan is to work with our parents. We recognize that at times there are extenuating circumstances which prohibit children from being in school. The intent, however is that your child is in school when possible. Please make sure to provide the school with documentation if your child visits a medical professional (e.g., letter from the dentist, pediatrician, etc.). Ultimately, the goal is for our students to take in all of the instruction available to them.  Should you have any questions, please contact your child’s principal.

What Will Your Child Learn At School?

The Michigan Department of Education has established standards and benchmarks that all school districts must follow.  School districts are given the flexibility to choose their own textbooks, resources, materials, and methods, but all schools must teach the State Standards. These standards and benchmarks can be found within the Michigan Merit Curriculum and are assessed through the MSTEP and SAT tests.   Caledonia Community Schools meets these State Standard requirements by following our district curriculum which is correlated with the Michigan Merit Curriculum.

K-12 English Language Arts Standards

K-12 Math Standards

K-12 Science Standards

K-12 Social Studies Standards

Arts Standards

Physical Education Standards

K-8 Health Standards

Use our library program from home.

The Caledonia schools have begun using a new web-based library program called Destiny. This program can be accessed anywhere you have internet. You can see what books your student has checked out, their cost if they are lost, and see a history of all the books they have checked out from the Paris Ridge library. Your student can also make a personal list of books they would like to check out to use when they come to library, hold a book if it is checked out and they can recommend a book to others or write a review. To log onto this program, click the link found here and choose Paris Ridge Elementary. Login in at the upper right corner. The user name is your student's FirstNameLastName with no spaces. The password is their student ID number. Check out our exciting new program with them!

External LinkDestiny Link

PDF DocumentStudent Handbook

If you have any questions please contact the office at (616) 891-7033.

Engaging Our School Community

One of our specific missions is to engage our school community.  We seek to engage our community through various partnerships and volunteering is one of the critical components.

Caledonia has a rich history of support from parents, relatives, and the community. Volunteering makes a tremendous impact in the lives of our students across the district. 

If you are interested in volunteering we ask that you carefully read the Volunteer Information and Guidelines Handbook and simply fill out the required forms. Both forms are located at the end of the handbook, which can be found at the link below.

Thank you for your commitment to Caledonia Community Schools and the lives of our students.

District Volunteer Guidelines Handbook and required forms

PDF DocumentVolunteer Handbook and application 2018-19

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