Dual Enrollment



Students in taking a Dual Enrollment course should review the checklist below before completing the application. 

PDF DocumentDual Enrollment Student Checklist



Please Note that in order for a student to qualify for Dual Enrollment, student must:

1. Have achieved a passing score: ‚Äč

  • On the Michigan Merit Exam in the content area of the college course in which they want to enroll (applies to incoming Seniors)

  • OR...on either the PLAN or PSAT tests in the content area of the college course in which they want to enroll (applies to incoming Sophomores or Juniors; see guidance counselor for cut scores).

  • OR...approval by a counselor. 

2. AND...Have exhausted all of the offerings available in this content area offered at the High School (i.e., AP courses)

3. AND...Meet any enrollment requirements of the college or university in which they are enrolling

The parent and student must:
4. Agree to pay any additional tuition fees due to the enrolling institution beyond what the district agrees to pay. Please note: The district will only pay the tuition charges as stipulated in board policy in italics and quoted here: “Upon receipt of a bill from the postsecondary institution itemizing the charges for a student’s participation in a particular course, the District shall either pay the bill or the prorated percentage of the State portion of the foundation allowance for that student, whichever is lower.”

See your counselor for current year foundation allowance. If charges exceed such payment the student and his/her parents are responsible for the remaining charges.

5. Agree to pay any additional fees charged by the enrolling institution incurred on behalf of the student who has elected dual enrollment at that institution which are above and beyond the actual tuition charge including but not limited to enrollment fees, registration fees, matriculation fees, books, transportation, lab fees, materials fees, printing fees, computer charges, activity fees, etc.

6. Agree to repay the district the tuition fees paid on the student’s behalf by the District if the student drops the course. (Note: The student will not be permitted to enroll in a replacement class at CHS unless this reimbursement has been received.)

7. Understand that it is the student’s responsibility to provide a copy of the official grade (transcript from the college or university) to the Student Services office by June 1st in order for the grade and credit to be included on the student’s transcript for the school year. Seniors should have all dual Enrollment grades turned into their counselors by the Friday prior to graduation. 


Dual Enrollment Application

Google FormsDual Enrollment ‚ÄčApplication - Please complete a Dual Enrollment Application for each postsecondary course to be taken during high school.