Testing Out


​​Legislation requires that public high schools in Michigan consider alternatives whereby students can earn high school credit. Section 380.1279 (b) of the State School Code requires the opportunity for any high school student to "test out" of any course. 

Caledonia High School, in compliance with Section 380.1279  (b) and (e) of the School Code of Michigan, will allow students to “test out” of any course. These tests will require demonstrations of course mastery based on the standards of learning expected of the students enrolled in the same course. Because some end-of-year tests do not serve as comprehensive measures of content and skill “mastery” as expressed in the Michigan School code, students may be required to demonstrate a reasonable degree of mastery either through a written examination, written papers, projects, portfolios, or other comparable forms. 


  1. This policy will apply equally to all students at Caledonia High School.
  2. Course credit will only be granted for a C+ or better.
  3. No letter grade may be earned by testing out of a course; the notation credit/no credit for testing out will apply.
  4. Credits earned through this provision will not count toward graduation requirement credit; credit will only count toward fulfillment of a requirement for a subject area or a course sequence.
  5. Students can take the “test out” option one time only for a specified course.

If a student wishes to “test out” it will be necessary to submit requests prior to the 2021/2022 school year by completing the testing-out application by April 23, 2021.

A course description, course syllabus, book to study from, and a description of the “test out” requirements will be available by May 24, 2021. Tests and related materials will be made available at that time. Testing will be scheduled in late July.

Request for Testing Out

Please complete a Testing Out Request Form for each course.


2021-22 Timeline

*dates and courses are subject to change*

Date Action
July 26, 2021 Math & Elective Courses
July 27, 2021 Science & Digital Literacy Courses
July 28, 2021 English & Social Studies Courses
After Test Pass/fail notice due to Principal & Registrar, no later than two days after test
August Letters sent to parents to inform them of student's pass/fail