Testing Out


Caledonia High School, in compliance with Section 380.1279 (b) and (e) of the School Code of Michigan, will allow students to “test out” of any course.  In order to test out, a student must show mastery of course content by attaining a grade of 77% or better on a comprehensive final assessment. Because some end-of-year tests do not serve as comprehensive measures of content and skill “master” as expressed in the Michigan School code, students may be required to demonstrate a reasonable degree of mastery either through a written examination, written papers, projects, portfolios, or other comparable forms. 

There will be two test out dates offered during the year: one in the fall and one in the summer.  Dates will be announced each year.  Students must register by the posted deadlines to test out.


  1. Testing out will not apply to the senior year math requirement.

  2. Credit will be earned if the student receives a 77% or better on a comprehensive final examination, which could include, but is not limited to performance, papers, projects and/or presentations. 

  3. No letter grade may be earned by testing out of a course; the notation credit (CR) /no credit (NC) for testing out will apply.  Neither a CR or NC will count against your GPA.

  4. Credits earned through this provision will be counted towards graduation.

  5. Credits earned through this provision will count towards fulfillment of a requirement for a subject area course and will be counted toward fulfillment of a requirement as to course sequence.

  6. Students may take the ‘test out’ option only one time for a specified course.

Please be advised that students and parents are expected to plan well in advance if they desire to test out of a course.  NCAA eligibility may be affected by choosing the testing out option. 

If a student wishes to “test out” it will be necessary to submit requests prior to the given deadlines.  Students may fill out a testing-out application online via the Student Services website.  A course description, course syllabus, study materials, and a description of the “test out” requirements will be available prior to each testing out date. The testing out timeline will be posted on the Student Services website.

Request for Testing Out

A student who wishes to “test out” must complete the testing-out application linked below, for EACH course they intend to test out of, by the dates listed: 

  • Session 1 - April 26, 2024
  • Session 2 - September 13, 2024



2024-25 Timeline

  Session 1 Session 2
A completed application form indicating course(s) a student wishes to test out of, must be submitted via the online application form on the Student Services website. 04/26/24 09/13/24
Students may obtain a course syllabus, a description of what will serve as exhibition of mastery of the course outcomes, the study materials, along with a grid on how the grade will be determined. A $50.00 DEPOSIT WILL BE ASSESSED IN POWERSCHOOL IF A BOOK IS PROVIDED. THE ASSESSMENT WILL BE REMOVED ONCE BOOKS ARE RETURNED. IF THERE IS AN ONLINE REGISTRATION FEE FOR THE COURSE, THE STUDENT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYING THE FEE PRIOR TO RECEIVING ACCESS TO THE COURSE. REGISTRATION FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.  05/22/24 09/30/24
Test Out Dates    
Math & Elective Course Tests 07/22/24 11/12/24
Science & Digital Literacy Tests 07/23/24 11/13/24
English & Social Studies Tests 07/24/24 11/14/24
Pass/fail notification will be given to students no later than 3 days after the test is given    


NOTE: There is a difference in the amount of time between material distribution and testing dates for the 2 sessions.