Career Exploration

Kent ISD Career Readiness

The more exposure students have to future career opportunities and the world of work, the more likely they are to choose a career that’s right for them – where they’ll be happy and successful. It’s our job to help students get that exposure.

KCTC's Career Readiness program works directly with students in grades 7-12 to provide career exploration opportunities like job shadows and industry tours to help them learn about in demand careers. You'll find a more information on those opportunities below.


Kent ISD’s Career Chats are designed to provide 7-12 grade students a virtual opportunity to meet real professionals employed in real jobs.  This series of 30-40 minute sessions will highlight professions in a variety of career pathways, giving students the opportunity to learn more about a career of interest, or to explore new options.  Professionals will share their own career path, along with valuable industry insights that support student career exploration.  Students will have an opportunity to ask their own questions through the platform’s chat function.

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The Talk & Tour Series is a career exploration program designed to increase awareness of diverse careers available in high-demand career sectors.

Through an informal "talk show style" format, a panel of professionals in select industries will share their own career paths, the inside scoop on what their jobs are really like, along with their perspective on what you can do to prepare for a career that interests you.  This is your chance to ask questions, get valuable career information and take an action step in figuring out your own career direction.  A tour of the host site will be provided, with a special focus on seeing the latest technology and innovation happening in the workplace. A variety of industries and occupations will be highlighted.

Parents/guardians are encouraged to participate.

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External LinkExplore some of Michigan's most in-deman Professional Trade careers on Going-Pro

External LinkGRCC Job Training - GRCC's Job Training can put you on a pathway to a rewarding career in the skilled trades in a relatively short amount of time. Programs include: 

External LinkMichigan Building & Construction Trades Council - Find a list of trade unions and resources by region. 

PDF DocumentMichigan Career Outlook - This publication provides multiple lists of in-demand occupations through 2030 by education and training requirements, as well as highlights the most in-demand Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) occupations for the state.

PDF DocumentMichigan's Hot 50 - This publication highlights Michigan’s high demand, high-wage careers that show a favorable mix of long-term job growth, projected annual job openings, and median wages.

PDF DocumentRegional Career Outlook - This publication provides multiple lists of in-demand occupations through 2028 by education and training requirements, as well as highlights the most in-demand STEM occupations for each of Michigan's 10 prosperity regions.

PDF DocumentAnnual Planning Information and Workforce Analysis Reports – These reports, one tabular and the other analytic, provide economic and demographic data including an analysis of in-demand occupations for Michigan's 10 prosperity regions.

External LinkO'NET OnLine - A tool for career exploration and job analysis, O*NET OnLine has detailed descriptions of the world of work for use by job seekers, workforce development and HR professionals, students, researchers, and more!

External LinkPathfinder - Explore careers, schools and programs in Michigan to find the path that is right for you.

External LinkOnly Trade Schools - View the top trade schools in your location of choice. 

External LinkRoadmap to Opportunity - provides background information on the hottest jobs, cool classes you can take, and financial help that may be available. 

Michigan has many high-demand, high-wage jobs available that require a certificate or an associate degree to get started! These fields offer entry level and ongoing educational opportunities that could increase your potential for professional growth, promotion, and higher wages over time as well as lead to a meaningful career.

Additional Opportunities

Unlike many other CDL classes in the USA, our truck driver class is unique because it gives you the individual instruction you need at a highly affordable price. With one instructor for every 4 students, you'll have all your questions answered and someone who cares to help you pass your test. Plus, the majority of our students have their tuition costs reimbursed completely, making it a no-cost choice! Learn more at

Do you like working with your hands, solving problems, and getting the most out of everything you work on? Do you want to make an impact in your own community? Then you're perfect for John Deere Tech, an agriculture and turf dealer technician training program. Greenmark offers tuition assistance, paid internships, a guaranteed job. Learn more at

The NHLA Inspector Training School offers the only Hardwood Lumber Inspector certificate program in the world. Due to the reputation of the School, graduates are often in demand, as many companies require their inspectors to be trained by NHLA. Learn more at

The UFP Business School is a two-year program created and operated by UFP Industries. Students attend business school through a full scholarship paid for by the company. The program provides you with real-world experience and focuses on all aspects of business educations, from business statistics to leadership development to operations management. Learn more at