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Marching Band at Homecoming Parade

Welcome to Caledonia Community Schools


We value the implementation of a comprehensive curriculum to prepare our students for college and career readiness. 


We value a learning environment that promotes the physical, social and emotional well being for each student.


We value the opportunity to shape each student by modeling integrity, intentionally teaching character traits and encouraging a strong work ethic.


We value our community as a vital component of the educational process. Our success is defined by the strength of our community.

November 9, 2020

The State of Michigan has established a grant through which employees can receive additional compensation for COVID related work during the 2019-2020 school year. Payment will be made directly from the Treasury Department, however, schools are tasked with gathering and verifying the information.

December 4, 2020, is the deadline to file an appeal to the District regarding eligibility.  Those employees meeting the legislature and Treasury Department’s eligibility classification have been contacted with the necessary information and Form 5734.  Employees who believe that they are eligible and have NOT received Form 5734 from the District should send a written appeal email with an explanation of why they believe they are eligible to Appeals filed after December 4, 2020, cannot be accepted.

For more information about this grant opportunity, please view the full memo here.

The district is closely following the direction of local, state and national agencies regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19). For the latest information and updates from Caledonia Community Schools visit our Coronavirus Resource and Communication Page.

Google DocExtended COVID-19 Learning Plan

External LinkKISD Interactive COVID-19 Data

Effective Tuesday, September 8, 2020 your child can receive a free breakfast and a free lunch at school.

We have exciting news to share with you regarding the school meal service being provided for your child.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has announced schools will be able to serve free meals to all children through June 30, 2021.  This unprecedented move will help ensure – no matter what the situation is on-the-ground – children have access to nutritious food as the country recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.

It remains critical our children continue to receive safe, healthy, and nutritious food. This will ensure meals are reaching all children – whether they are learning in the classroom or virtually – so they are fed and ready to learn, even in new and ever-changing learning environments.

If your child is participating in virtual learning, five (5) free breakfasts and five (5) free lunches will be available for pick up in the rear of the Duncan Lake Middle School every Monday from 9:15 A.M. – 10:15 A.M. and will continue through the 2020/2021 school year.

We hope this news helps all Caledonia families.  There is a new menu posted on the district website under Food Service.

We look forward to serving your children.

Holiday Break

December 21 and December 28 from 9:00am-11:00am behind Duncan Lake Middle School, five free breakfasts and five free lunches will be given out to families for the week. 

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Upcoming Events

  • 4 Dec
    • KMMS Announcements 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
      KMMS Announcements
      Date: Dec 4
      Time: 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
      Calendar: KMMS

      KMMS Announcements December 4th, 2020   A-Day


      Our School food and toiletries drive is still going and goes until December 9th.  Please drop off the items in the back of the library by your focus teacher's name.

      Have you picked up your application for the Meemic Masterpieces Poetic Rap contest yet?  Remember that the Poetic Raps are two contests in one:

      1.  Submit the Lyrics to your Poem or Rap to enter the Meemic Poetic Rap contest

      2. Submit a video taped performance of your Poem or Rap to enter the Kraft Rap’n Cheese contest.

      Parent permission forms are available in the wall rack across from Mrs. Green’s Counseling office or by stopping by and seeing her in the office.  Remember that all entries to both contests are due no later than Tuesday, December 15.  

       Band students, remember to bring home your instruments to practice and take your quiz which is due by Sunday at 11: 59 PM.

Annual Reports

Annual Education Reports (AER)


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Secondary Schools

Duncan Lake Middle School

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PDF DocumentDuncan Lake SIP 2019-2020
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Kraft Meadows Middle School

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Caledonia High School

PDF DocumentCaledonia High School AER 2019-2020
PDF DocumentCaledonia High School SIP 2019-2020
PDF DocumentCaledonia High School AER 2018-2019
PDF DocumentCaledonia High School SIP 2018-2019
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Duncan Lake Transitions Program

PDF DocumentDuncan Lake Transitions SIP 2019-2020

Elementary Schools

Early Childhood Center

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Caledonia Elementary School

PDF DocumentCaledonia Elementary SIP 2019-2020
PDF DocumentCaledonia Elementary AER 2019-2020
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PDF DocumentCaledonia Elementary AER 2018-2019

Dutton Elementary School

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PDF DocumentDutton Elementary SIP 2019-2020
PDF DocumentDutton Elementary AER 2018-2019
PDF DocumentDutton Elementary SIP 2018-2019

Emmons Lake Elementary School

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PDF DocumentEmmons Lake Elementary SIP 2019-2020
PDF DocumentEmmons Lake Elementary AER 2018-2019
PDF DocumentEmmons Lake Elementary SIP 2018-2019

Kettle Lake Elementary School

PDF DocumentKettle Lake Elementary AER 2019-2020
PDF DocumentKettle Lake Elementary SIP 2019-2020
PDF documentKettle Lake Elementary AER 2018-2019
PDF DocumentKettle Lake Elementary SIP 2018-2019

Paris Ridge Elementary School

PDF DocumentParis Ridge Elementary AER 2019-2020
PDF DocumentParis Ridge Elementary SIP 2019-2020
PDF DocumentParis Ridge Elementary AER 2018-2019
PDF DocumentParis Ridge Elementary SIP 2018-2019