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Welcome to Caledonia Community Schools

Caledonia's schools are caring places that focus on "personalized learning". A dedicated staff strives to encourage each child to be actively involved in his/her education. Our teachers are involved in staff development that emphasizes best practices and meaningful learning experiences for all children.

Our programs are designed for students to be engaged in a full complement of classroom opportunities for students to learn "beyond classroom walls" through field trips, community service, mentorships, internships, community as school, senior exhibition and interim experiences. We believe these opportunities connect students to the "real world" and prepare them to become productive, contributing members in a dynamic and diverse world.

Caledonia Schools are committed to educating the "whole person." Our goals include graduating students who can demonstrate high levels of academic proficiency and who have the ability to think, problem solve, communicate, and apply technological and social skills.

District Mission Statement

In pursuit of excellence, Caledonia Community Schools will empower and equip all persons to achieve their best by ensuring the highest quality systems for learning.

Demographic Profile

Caledonia Community Schools is centered in a suburban/rural area southeast of the city of Grand Rapids. Thus, Caledonia offers all the advantages of living in a small community plus easy access to the activity in the metropolitan area. The district covers a 100 square mile area, which includes parts of Kent, Allegan and Barry Counties. The Kent County International Airport also offers numerous recreational opportunities.

The community is made of farm families, blue-collar workers and professionals. Over 90% of graduates go on to post-secondary educational opportunities including 2-year and 4-year colleges, technical/trade schools and/or the military. Dropout rates are very low, and enrollment continues to increase at all levels.

Standard and Poor's School Evaluation Services reports the following data about Caledonia Community Schools

Core Curriculum

To see more of our curriculum, see the Teaching & Learning page.

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