College Visits

Onsite Visits @ cHS

JUNIORS & SENIORS: Fall is a great time to meet our college reps and gather information about each college you are considering to attend. 

Dates will be posted here and in weekly newsletters. It is up to the student to check with their teacher to be sure they can miss the 45-60 minutes of class to attend visits held during school hours. 

**All visits will be conducted VIRTUALLY. In-person students will meet in the STU, unless otherwise noted.**

Google FormsFor events taking place during school hours...students must sign up here at least TWO DAYS IN ADVANCE in order to receive a pass out of class. 

01/21 - [FDIM] Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising @ 8:00 AM

02/10 - University of Michigan-Flint @ 12:50 PM

03/01 - Northern Michigan University @ 7:55 AM

03/08 - [SCAD] Savannah College of Art & Design @ 9:00 AM

03/11 - University of South Florida - Tampa @ 12:50 PM

03/22 - Embry-Riddle University - Dayton @ 9:00 AM

03/23 - (JUNIORS) Michigan Tech University @ 12:50 PM

03/23 - (ADMITTED SENIORS) Michigan Tech University @ 1:55 PM

04/21 - Butler University @ 12:50 PM

05/04 - FDIM Los Angeles @ 12:50 PM

05/10 - Saint Mary's College (IN) @ 12:50 PM

Off-Site College Visits

PDF DocumentComplete a College Visitation Form and return it to the Attendance Office at LEAST ONE DAY prior to your visit. Note: teacher & parent signatures are required. ​

Campus Tours - Michigan Colleges & Universities

Find a tour of most Michigan Colleges and Universities on the YouTube Playlist here

Whether you meet them at a college fair or on a campus visit, college reps genuinely enjoy talking to high school students and answering questions about their college. The questions listed in the document below, will help start a good dialogue. 

Google DocCollege Rep Questions