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Find the latest STU News with details on everything happening in the Student Services here, or check out the highlights below:

COUNSELOR CASELOAD CHANGES - In response to staffing changes, our counselor caseloads have been adjusted. Please take note of the updated assignments for the 2020-21 school year listed below. 

  • Hilaski (A,C; G-L)
  • Hoffman (B; S-Z)
  • Dorband (D-F; M-R)

FALL TESTING - Students will be taking the following tests this fall, free of charge, per the MDE. If other tests are desired, or results are needed sooner (Seniors, check college requirements) students can register and pay on their own, via the links to the right.

  • 10/14 12th grade - SAT + Essay
  • 10/29 11th grade - PSAT-NMSQT
  • 10/29 10th grade - PSAT-NMSQT
  • 10/08 9th grade - PSAT 8/9

MILITARY OPT OUT - The “No Child Left Behind Act”, requires high schools to release students' names, address, and phone numbers, to military recruiters. Parents and students can request to have their name removed from the list. If you DO NOT want your students name on the list, please fill out the Military Opt Out Form here and return to CHS Student Services.