Student Life

CHS Student Life

AMBY is a mentoring program that matches outstanding high school mentors in a 1:1 relationship with girls at the middle school level to model responsibility, develop strong character, and create a sense of citizenship to others in the school/community. 


  • KMIS: 2x per month; Day/Time TBD - First meeting will be training in mid-October

Join: By invite only. Contact Mrs. Green if you're interested in receiving an invitation. 

Chrystal Whitlock (HS)
Kelly Green (KMIS)
Andrew Fitzpatrick (DLMS)

Caledonia High School Bass Club exists to help educate, equip, and empower teens to become better at bass fishing and offer a platform into High School Competitive Bass Fishing Tournaments. This happens through monthly club meetings throughout the school year and a spring and summer tournament season. We are part of the Michigan Bass National (MBN) as well as the BASS at the National level. During our monthly club meetings we have local pros and tournament anglers come in and share knowledge, techniques, and life lessons to our anglers.

Advisors: Mr. Miedema & Mr. Derek Schultz    

Location: Upper Forum Room

Frequency: Monday nights (predetermined dates) from 7-8:30 PM

be nice. is a four-step Action Plan to Notice, Invite, Challenge and Empower individuals to take action when they or someone they know may be experiencing a change in their mental health. Take it a step further, and be nice. The implementation of be nice. in schools creates a positive culture and increases mental health referrals and suicide prevention behaviors.

Advisors: Mrs. Dorband

Location: Upper Forum Room

Frequency:  Tuesdays before school at 7:15 AM, beginning 9/14/21


We are an affiliate, also known as a Campus Action Network (CAN), of the National Organization for Women (NOW). Visit the NOW website for more information.

We believe that women should control their lives. We believe in equality and social justice. We believe in ending violence and discrimination. NOW is an activist organization that champions feminism and prioritizes securing economic equality, supporting reproductive freedom, opposing racism, fighting for the LGBTQIA+ community, and ending violence against women. If you want to meet like-minded people and work together to discuss and oppose the circumstances that negatively affect your life and the lives of people you care about, then join Cal NOW CAN. Our focus is to discuss the limitations that women experience in our society today, as a gender that has been continually sidelined throughout history. All forms of diversity are welcome and every member will have a voice.

Advisor: Ms. Megan Ley Student Contacts: Alyson Roush & Jenna Waggoner

Frequency: Every other Thursday starting September 2nd, after school until 4:00 PM, in Room 1707 (Ms. Ley's Room)

The Caledonia Pipes and Drums is a school and community partnership that provides Bagpiping instruction to the students of Caledonia High School and the community.  The group performs regularly for our schools and events throughout West Michigan including Art Prize, Frederik Meijer Gardens, WoodTV 8, Muskegon Irish Festival, and much more.

Advisor: Mr. Wellfare

Location: High School Band Room 1505

Frequency: Tuesdays from 3-4:30 PM

WEBSITE: Caledonia Pipes and Drums

Experienced, or a beginner, all are welcome at chess club. Come sharpen your skills or learn how to play the game. 

Advisor: Mr. Clausen

Location: Upper Forum Room

Frequency: Tuesdays from 3-4 PM

Caledonia students put on two major theatrical events per year.  The fall drama and the winter/spring musical. Actors as well as stage hands and ushers are needed for both. 

Co-Advisors: Kate Lane and Jeanette Ruthven

Location: Fine Arts Center (FAC) & Black Box

Frequency: Auditions will be held twice each year. Rehearsals are 5:30-8:00 on weekdays during the season. Check out the theater board by the FAC for the most up-to-date information. 



Throughout the year we work together on our business and marketing skills. Members must be enrolled or have taken a marketing or accounting class and be 10th grade status or above. Some DECA alumni have earned college scholarships as a result of their work in our chapter.

Advisors: Mr. Burghardt

Location: TBD

Frequency: TBD


A student-led club that works to promote equality, fight intolerance, and provide a safe environment for people to be themselves.

Advisors: Mrs. Ruthven

Location: Mrs. Ruthven's Room #2753

Frequency: Every other Thursday after school from 3-4:00 PM (beginning on 9/9)

Our goal is to have a direct impact on the local environment and raise awareness of the issues regarding the environment in the school and the community.

Interested? Email Colin Pearson to be added to the meeting reminder/update list

Advisors: Mr. Howell Student Contact: Colin Pearson

Location: Lower Forum Room

Frequency: Bi-weekly meetings on Wednesday @ 7:20 AM, beginning 9/15 (recycling will take place on the other Wednesdays outside the LFR)

Instagram: @caledonia_environmental_club

FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agriscience education. All students enrolled in agriscience courses are eligible to join.

Advisors: Mr. Scholten

Location: Room 1344

Frequency: Daily if enrolled in FFA Leadership course. Students can still participate in activities if they are not enrolled in an Agri-science course. Officers meet at 7:00 AM on the first Wednesday of each month. 

2021 FFA District competition results


We are a student led service organization in the Kiwanis family (Builders Club is the middle school equivalent). We are an organization designed to develop initiative and leadership as well as providing experiences in working together to serve Caledonia High School and the Caledonia community. All are welcome to join, as we do a variety of weekly service projects.

Advisor: Mrs. Nawrocki  | General Contact:; Remind: Text @k29dd9 to 81010

Location: South Campus Stadium/Presentation Room

Frequency: Every other Thursday after school, beginning on 9/23 (Pizza Party in the South Campus).  


A student-led organization created to end bullying, promote positivity and good decision-making. We encourage students to join and be an example to the student body and the community.

Advisor: Mrs. Nawrocki

Location: Room 1705

Frequency: 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at 7:15 AM (listen to announcements)

LEGION is a mentoring program that matches outstanding high school mentors in a 1:1 relationship with boys at the middle school level to model responsibility, develop strong character, and create a sense of citizenship to others in the school/community. 


  • KMIS: 2x per month; Day/Time TBD - First meeting will be training in mid-October

Join: By invite only. Contact Mrs. Green if you're interested in receiving an invitation. 

Chrystal Whitlock (HS)
Kelly Green (KMIS)
Andrew Fitzpatrick (DLMS)

The goal of the LINKS program is to promote, cultivate and nurture independence, appropriate social behavior, and life skills for life in and beyond high school. The LINK course assists students in their consideration of a career in the Human Services Career Pathway. Teachers, Psychologists, Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Social Workers, and many more occupations will increasingly work professionally with individuals identified as having a variety of special needs. LINKS is a course that enables the student to make a difference in another person’s life.

Instructor: Mrs. VanDokkumburg

Location: North Campus/Room 1205


Caledonia students will receive information pertaining to a crime. Students will work together as a prosecution team to develop their case with the information provided. They will prepare their case and compete against other schools.

Advisors: Mrs. Jonkman and Mrs. Yard (attorney/coach)

Frequency: 2nd Semester Class. Remote students report to class 1st hour. Competition in March.

NHS serves to recognize those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Junior & Senior Students with a GPA of 3.5 or above that have completed the application process.  

How to Join: Students may apply to NHS in the Spring of their SOPHOMORE or JUNIOR YEAR, but you can start the process as soon as you enter High School. Visit their website for more info. 

Advisors: Mrs. Dorband

Location: Upper Forum Room

Frequency: First Friday of the month at 7:15 AM

WEBSITE: CHS National Honor Society Homepage

RISE (Reform, Injustice, Secure, and Equality) is a student orientated club led by our very own CHS students of color and their allies. We want to educate students about the importance of culture, racial/lgbtq+ inequality and discrimination. We want to act as a support group and be able to create a safe space for those who need it. By educating students, we believe that we can provide an inclusive environment in our Community and can prepare students to look at the world with an open mind.

Interested? DM the Instagram account, or email a student contact to be added to the Google Classroom where meeting info and announcements are posted. 

Advisors: Mr. Hoffman Student Contacts: Kanika Verma, Tristie Nguyen, Katie Soliz

Location: Upper Forum Room (North Campus)

Frequency: Every other Wednesday from 3-4 PM, unless otherwise noted (begins 9/23/21)

Instagram: caledoniawillrise



Students in grades 9-12 are invited to join a Caledonia HS Robotics team. Teams begin meeting in the late summer, and work over the course of 6 months constructing and programming a VEX robot that they’ll compete with against other teams in League and Tournament play.

Advisor: Dave Ambrose

Location: Room 2375

Frequency: August-February; meeting times determined by teams (registration occurs in May)

WEBSITE: Caledonia VEX Robotics


Science Olympiad is a competitive science club.  Students concentrate on 2 or more science events (either study or build events) and then compete against other schools at tournaments.

Advisor: Mr. David Niemann

Location: Room 2372

Frequency: Tuesdays after school, starting in October

Strike consists of a chamber group that performs classical and contemporary percussion pieces ranging from three to forty percussionists. Additionally, Strike plays steel band and jazz music as well as some Stomp-like selections. Strike also has many Japanese drums and performs some traditional Japanese pieces as well.

Advisor: Mr. Raaymakers

Location: KMMS Band Room

Frequency: Monday evenings

WEBSITE: Strike Percussion Ensemble

A class designed for some of the best students in our school to become the best they can be. How can you get in? The leadership class advisor, along with a committee will review the applications and select students for this class. You can apply for student council in January and February near tallying time.  

Advisor: Mr. Durkee

Location: Room 1605

WEBSITE: CHS Student Council

Elected members of the Student Government serve the entire student body by sponsoring and organizing activities that range from service projects to semi-formal dances. Members work closely with other student clubs in support of a number of school spirit activities and resources.

FRESHMAN Advisor: Mr. DeHorn

  • President: T.J. Platschorre

  • Treasurer: Emily Vu

SOPHOMORE Advisor: Ms. Ley & Mrs. Yonker

  • President: Micah Nagel

  • Vice President: Alexa Perason

  • Treasurer: Alexandra VanDrunen

  • Class Representatives: Dakota Tomac

JUNIOR Advisor: Mrs. Fallot

  • President: Sean Rice

  • Vice President: Ethan Pyscher

  • Secretary: Anders VanderEide

  • Treasurer: Maddox Gaier

  • Class Representatives: Lindsay Duell, Holly Barker, Grace Geer, Trinity Perez-Ferner

SENIOR Advisors: Mrs. McLaughlin & Mrs. Jonkman

  • President: Colin Pearson

  • Vice President: Nolan Reynolds

  • Treasurer: Erin Zielke

  • Secretary: Thomas Munson

  • Class Representatives: Autumn Ciminski