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CHS Yearbook Info

Yearbook Order and Upload Information


2021-22 Yearbook

This year's 2021-22 yearbook costs $55. Order using the link above. 

2020-21 Yearbook

Yearbooks are available for pickup at lunch on 9/20 and 9/21. Yearbook tickets were distributed in class to those who purchased in advance and are required to claim your purchase. 


Senior Portraits

DEADLINE: December 17, 2021

Be sure to have your photos taken no later than Thanksgiving so that they will be ready on time for submission. If you do not submit a senior portrait, the yearbook staff will use your school ID photo; if no ID photo is available, your name will be listed as “Not Pictured”.

If you would like a professional senior portrait but do not currently have the financial security to have them done with a studio, there is a scholarship available for an outdoor mini-session with a local professional photographer. She, along with the Journalism class, wants every senior to have an excellent senior portrait to cherish. Contact Ms. Covelle ( to apply for the scholarship before September 19 since sessions will be scheduled for September 22. 


  • Digital image required in .JPG format.
  • Original file is NECESSARY. This cannot be taken or sent from Facebook, Instagram, etc. or the quality will be poor when published.
  • Digital image file needs to be high-resolution of 3MB or more. (Files under 1MB will be rejected.)
  • Photo must be vertical. (Horizontal images will be cropped by yearbook staff.)
  • Photo must be in color and without “stamps” or embellishments. Photo may be outside.
  • Photo must be of only one person. Pets are welcome but may not fit in photo space.
  • Photo will be mid-chest and up. (Full body images will be cropped by yearbook staff.)


  • Photo does not need to be cropped prior to submission. 
  • Upload the .JPG image directly to Jostens using our online photo repository at Image Share ( and the User ID of 416445995
  • Select the photo you wish to upload... and upload it!
  • Enter information about the photo (including the student’s name) and provide contact info in case the staff needs additional information. 
  • Do not include a senior quote with the photo submission to Image Share. Senior quotes can be emailed directly to the yearbook staff at
  • In the unlikely event that something goes wrong with the link provided, please email the .JPG image file to and include the student’s name in the email.