Welcome To Caledonia Elementary

Greetings! Caledonia Elementary School is a tremendous place to learn. As educators, we strive to build excellence in our daily interactions so that our students acquire the knowledge necessary to be successful in all areas of life. One way in which we seek to do this is by honoring traditions while also providing engaging teaching strategies.

Our School

Cal El consists of grades Kindergarten through fifth grade, with a student population of approximately 450 students. Embedded within our school are many devoted and caring staff members whose mission is to make student learning interactive and engaging. Our staff is comprised of highly qualified teachers, as mandated under federal legislation, in addition to skilled support staff members. These individuals provide instruction in 18 regular education classrooms. We also provide special education and Title I services for students needing additional or more specific instruction. Moreover, special classes such as music, art, physical education and Spanish are also offered to students.

Besides our wonderful educators, one of the aspects that make the above-mentioned environments so engaging is technology. The school is fortunate to have an exceptional facility, updated with document cameras, projectors, and laptop computers.

The Website

Our website is designed to help you become familiar with Cal El, which includes its staff, educational opportunities, procedures, and routines. If you have any questions that we can answer, please call the office or stop by the school.

The Cal El Way

At Cal El, we strive to be a responsible learner each day. To this end, we actively teach students to be safe, responsible, and respectful through our PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports) instruction. We are Team Cal El!

Community Volunteers

Our community is critical to what we do each day. Parents and loved ones are always encouraged to become involved in their child's schooling experience as this helps to secure academic achievement. Contributing to the PTO, or becoming a PTO Board Member, is a great way to become engaged. The PTO develops and implements a number of events throughout the year. For more information about these, please see the PTO page.

In closing, we hold to a phrase that encapsulates the past and the future, "heart and heritage." My hope is that you learn more about this phrase, or said differently, more about who we are, throughout the information on this site as well as other artifacts or conversations you may have with people representing Caledonia Elementary School. Truly, Cal El is a fantastic place to be!


Joshua Traughber