ICP - Instructional Continuity Plan

Instructional Continuity Plan (ICP)

In the event that Caledonia Community Schools pivots online (Phase 1-3) guidelines have been set up to help students and parents know what they should expect as a recommended time on task. These plans are referred to as Instructional Continuity Plans (ICP).  Below you can review these different plans based on the student(s) grade level.

Continuity of Services Plan

Google Doc2023-2024

Face-to-Face Students - Pivoting Online

Google DocICP 3.0 Distance Learning [Elementary Y5-4] 
Google DocICP 3.0 Distance Learning [Intermediate 5-6] 
Google DocICP 3.0 Distance Learning [Secondary 7-8] 
Google DocICP 3.0 Distance Learning [Secondary 9-12] 

Distance Learning Daily Example Schedules

Google DocElementary / Intermediate

*Synchronous - teacher & student are logged on for real time interactions

*Asynchronous - teacher is available for support in a timely manner, while the student works independently


Updated overview videos of the ICP’s are in production.  Please stay tuned.

Video Document ICP Overview Video - Elementary
Video Document ICP Overview Video - Middle School
Video Document ICP Overview Video - High School