ICP - Instructional Continuity Plan

Instructional Continuity Plan (ICP)

In the event that Caledonia Community Schools pivots online (Phase 1-3) guidelines have been set up to help students and parents know what they should expect as a recommended time on task. These plans are referred to as Instructional Continuity Plans (ICP).  Below you can review these different plans based on the student(s) grade level.

Face-to-Face Students - Pivoting Online

Google DocICP 3.0 Distance Learning [Elementary Y5-4] 
Google DocICP 3.0 Distance Learning [Intermediate 5-6] 
Google DocICP 3.0 Distance Learning [Secondary 7-8] 
Google DocICP 3.0 Distance Learning [Secondary 9-12] 

Distance Learning Daily Example Schedules

Google DocElementary / Intermediate

*Synchronous - teacher & student are logged on for real time interactions

*Asynchronous - teacher is available for support in a timely manner, while the student works independently


Updated overview videos of the ICP’s are in production.  Please stay tuned.

Video Document ICP Overview Video - Elementary
Video Document ICP Overview Video - Middle School
Video Document ICP Overview Video - High School